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Attendance Matters!




    Please read and understand the attendance policy as outlined in the Alabama Compulsory Attendance law.  This will greatly affect your child’s grade if we do not receive a note explaining the absence within three days of an absence.  Let’s work together to ensure every student has the opportunity to make up work if they are out.



    The Alabama Compulsory School Attendance Law (Sec. 16-28-3) requires children between the ages of six (6) and seventeen (17) to enroll and attend school. Additionally, Section 16-28-12 of the Code of Alabama, as amended May 17, 1993, requires that any parent/guardian who enrolls a student in school will be responsible for the child’s regular attendance and proper conduct. Parents and/or guardians must provide to the child’s teacher an explanation of each absence within three days after the child returns to school. If the parent or guardian fails to provide this information to the teacher, each child’s absence will be recorded as unexcused or truant. 

    Unexcused absence will not be eligible for make-up work.



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