This year we are offering Virtual EFK Programs for kids in grades K-12! Your student can enroll now for Virtual EFK Groups starting in November.

    ·       EFK Virtual Groups will meet in Zoom Meetings on a weekly schedule for 9 Lessons

    ·       EFK Virtual Groups led by trained EFK Program Leader

    ·       EFK Supplies will be shipped to student homes

    In EFK, students get to

    ·      Complete fun activities that help them focus on making good choices

    ·      Learn healthy ways to deal with stress and anger

    ·      Discover it is not their fault that the person they love made a mistake.

     TO ENROLL: Complete Online Enrollment Form


    Everyone who enrolls will receive a confirmation email from Extended Family, with details on the schedule for the student’s Virtual EFK Group.

    QUESTIONS? Contact Extended Family Executive Director Laure Clemons, 256-927-7997, laure@extendedfamilyhelp.org.