Student Expectations

  • Work in a productive space 

    • Limit background noise and distractions with a quiet area 
    • Other devices that are not used in instructional time should be off 
    • Toys and pets should not be visible on your screen during instructional time 

    Be ready for learning 

    • During instruction, make sure to have good posture.  No lying in bed. 
    • Bathroom breaks should be taken before meets 
    • Students should not be eating during meets 
    • Keep your microphone muted/unmuted as instructed by your teacher 
    • Make sure your attire would be acceptable for school and should not be a distraction to other students’ learning. 

    During Learning 

    • Attend scheduled meets and be on time 
    • Keep cameras on during the meets unless avatar use is pre-approved by the teacher 
    • Come prepared with all supplies as instructed by your teacher 
    • Stay engaged in the lesson 
    • Use the chat box only as instructed.  All chats will be monitored. 
    • Complete assignments. You are responsible for finishing assignments on time. 
    • Do your own work; representing someone else’s work as student work is cheating and/or plagiarism and subject to discipline procedures. 

    Use technology properly 

    • Follow the BCBE Technology Acceptable Use Agreement 
    • Be sure to keep your passwords secret 
    • Make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in before meets begin 
    • Set up your device before the meet begins to make sure it is operational and your face can be seen. 
    • Communication with other students must be course-related in nature and must be polite, courteous, and respectful.  The sending of unsolicited emails and/or messages to other classmates is prohibited. 
    • Student avatars or icons should be of the student’s face.