7th Grade Social Studies Grade Calculations

  • 7th Social Studies Grades

    The grade calculations for Civics/Geography are as follows:

    • Both courses (Civics, 1st semester and Geography, 2nd semester) will be calculated independently as semester courses.  
    • Each course will only be required to give a final exam – after 2nd and 4th quarters respectively.
    • Neither course will be included in the other grade calculation.
    • Students will be able to make up a failed semester in summer school as before.

    Please be reminded that students who fail the first semester will not be able to pull up a failing grade in the second semester as in the past. Students can still make up failed semesters in summer school, but there is no pass for the year because each course is separate. For example, if a student fails Civics first semester, then the student is recommended for summer school for Civics, regardless of the grade in Geography and vice versa. In other words, Civics and Geography are no longer averaged together for a yearly grade as in the past.