If you use a PC or a Mac to check your email using an Outlook client,then you should not experience any changes. You may experience a prompt asking you to re-enter your email address and password, please do soand make sure you remember the changes/update the password in your keychain, whichever applies. This may take a few attempts to authenticate. Please do so using your email address and network password(username@bcbe.org, )

    If you access your email using an internet browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) then you will haveto use a different link to access your email. The link that you will now use is www.outlook.com/bcbe.org

    If you use a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) then you may receive aprompt to re-authenticate your  credentials. Please do so using youremail address and network password.

    Instructions for setting up email access on your iPhone or iPad

    Any problems can be reported by setting up a support ticket (click here)