Child Nutrition Information

  • USDA LogoFREE SCHOOL MEALS! Due to a USDA waiver for school year 2021-22, all students will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge. Families do not have to apply for free and reduced meals to receive them however, it is still strongly encouraged to complete a Free and Reduced Meal Application. This information is critical in order for families and schools to receive additional financial assistance.


BCBE/ CNP Meal Prices

    All Students Pre-K thru 12- No Charge
    Reduced Breakfast- No Charge
    Adult and Children Visitors - $2.50
    BCBE Employees- $2.25
    Second Breakfast Tray- $2.75
    All Students Pre-K thru 12- No Charge
    Reduced Lunch- No Charge
    Adult and Children Visitors - $4.25
    BCBE Employees- $3.75
    Second Lunch Tray- $3.75

Child Nutrition Program A La Carte Item Price List

    Fruit (fresh, canned, dried) $0.50
    Frozen Fruit Cup/Sorbet  $0.50
    Vegetable, other than potato (fresh or cooked) $0.50
    Potato Sides (fries, tots, mashed potatoes) $0.75
    Fruit Snacks $0.50

    Yogurt, regular, 4 oz (any flavor) $0.75
    Yogurt, tube (squeeze) $0.50
    Cheese Stick $0.50
    Pudding Cup $0.50

    Rolls, breadsticks, biscuits $0.50
    Muffin, all flavors $0.50
    Brownie $0.50
    Cereal Bars, all varieties $0.75
    Rice Krispy Treat, regular size $0.75
    Rice Krispy Treat, mini size $0.25
    Cereal, all flavors $0.75
    Crackers, goldfish, animal, graham $0.75
    Chips and Popcorn, all varieties that meet Smart Snack $0.75
    Cookies (not individually wrapped) $0.50
    Cookies, individually wrapped, with filling $0.75
    Mac and Cheese $0.75

    Milk, bottle, 8 oz $0.50
    Juice Box or Carton, 4 oz or 6 oz $0.50
    Sparkling Juice $1.00
    Water, Plain $1.00
    Water, Flavored (High School Only) $1.00
    Water, Sparkling (High School Only) $1.50
    Gatorade (High School Only) $1.00
    Tea and Lemonade, bottled (High School Only) $1.50

    Extra Breakfast Entrée (Grain and Meat or 2 Grains) $1.25
    Breakfast Sausage Links (2 each), Sausage Patty (1 each), or Breakfast Ham Slice (1 each) $0.75
    Extra Lunch Entrée $1.75
    Second Breakfast (full meal) $2.75
    Second Lunch (full meal) $3.75
    Crispito, 1 each $1.00

Free and Reduced Application