• Listed below is information related to general purchasing procedures, restrictions on specific funding types (e.g., do I have to buy from a bid if I'm using CIS or E-Rate or State Teacher Technology money), and specific bid items (recommended models, contract prices, steps to complete).
    Guidelines & Forms

        •    Technology Purchasing and Funding Guidelines
        •    Guidelines for Specific Funding Sources
        •    Technology Purchase Request Form (for E-Rate and System Technology funded purchases only)
    Specific Purchasing Information/Prices by Bid Item

        •    Buying a Computer/PC (Lenovo only) or Laptop or Tablet (Lenovo or HP) 

        •    Buying an LCD Monitor (Lenovo only)

        •    Buying a Printer or Scanner

        •    Buying a Projector, Installation or Mounting Kit for Existing Projector

        •    Buying a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard

        •    Buying a SmartBoard

        •    Buying Peripherals, Software Licenses, and Digital Cameras (CDW-G Products)

        •    Buying a Computer Table

        •    Buying a Chair

        •    Buying an Apple Product

        •    Additional Bids (Office Supply, Print Services, Audio Visual Catalog, Instructional Supplies)
    PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of what funds you use, technology purchases for hardware (PCs, laptops, printers, etc.) and software must have ET Services' approval and follow these guidelines. Technology purchases for consumables (e.g., toner, ink) or simple external storage devices (e.g., thumbdrives, CDs, DVDs, diskettes, memory cards, and digital cameras) do not need to be approved by IT Services unless you are purchasing these items with State Teacher Technology, E-Rate, or System Technology funds.