• To order any product from Apple please use the contact information below for a quote. 


    Robert Dudenhoefer III
    5505 W Parmer Lane Bldg 7
    MS: 581-IES
    Austin, TX 78727-6524
    Phone: 512-6742834
    Fax: 800-5900325


    After receiving a quote, send the PO to: institutionorders@apple.com

    Use the following address for creating your purchase order: 

    Apple, Inc
    Post Office Box 281877
    Atlanta GA 30384-1877

    Bid Number ALJP2010-006 

    To purchase an App for idevices you must purchase a volume purchase card. They can be purchased in $100, $500, and $1,000 amounts. Please contact Megan for a quote if you would like to purchase one. Once you have the card click on the link bellow for instructions on ordering the app. 

    Apps using a volume voucher card