Pride Survey

  • As we continue our drug education efforts in Baldwin County Public Schools, we must comply with the No Child Left Behind legislation requiring an anonymous student survey about alcohol and drug use and violence.  The survey information assists us in assessing our success or failure to convince students of the health and safety value of not using alcohol or illegal drugs.

    In an effort to gather this information, we have chosen to use the Pride Survey, which has been used by schools in more than 8,000 school systems across the nation over the past two decades.  The Pride Survey is an anonymous survey, and it is administered to all students in grades 6-12 during the early spring of the school year.

    Results of the Pride Survey are used in part to determine whether or not federal and state drug education money is being spent wisely in Baldwin County.  The results also give us an idea of the true nature of drug use in the schools, as well as in the county.  Consequently, we can compare our data with data from other places in the nation.  Many other civic organizations also use the results to design various programs in the county.

    As a result of the Baldwin County School System's partnership with the Baldwin County Community Alliance (Alta Pointe), Pride Surveys are administered to all students in grades 7-11.  In addition, surveys are randomly administered to the parents of students in these grades.  Survey results may be obtained from the counselors and/or administrators are each of the middle and high schools.