• Regardless of the funds used for technology purchases, all purchases for hardware (PCs, laptops, printers, etc.) and software must come through IT Services and follow the guidelines below. Purchases for consumables (e.g., toner, ink) or external storage devices (e.g., thumbdrives, CDs, DVDs, diskettes, memory cards, and digital cameras) do not need to be approved by IT Services unless you're purchasing them via State Teacher Technology, E-Rate, or System Technology funds.

    Any division, school, or individual considering implementing a new program, project, or grant that uses any form of technology (networks, computers, software, etc.) should notify IT Services during the initial stage of planning to ensure compatibility and coordination of efforts.

    Purchasing Process for Technology Items using E-Rate or System Technology Funds

    1. Download and fully complete a Technology Purchase Request Form
      1. Provide product names and descriptions (don’t use stock numbers)
      2. Attach an “Order Summary” printout from vendor website if applicable (e.g., PC, laptop)
    2. Observe all bid regulations related to your funding source(s). Click here for details.
    3. Print and obtain Principal/Director's signature.
    4. Route Technology Purchase Requisition Form to IT Services for final approval. The requisition will then be forwarded to the Purchasing Department who will place the order.


    Purchasing Process for Technology Items using CIS, State Teacher Technology or Title 1 funds

    When purchasing technology items from other funds such as CIS, State Teacher Technology, Title I, etc. the standard purchase order form (not the IT requisition form) must route through IT Services before a purchase order number is assigned.  You must observe all bid regulations related to the particular funding source(s).  Click here for details.

    Guidelines for Specific Technology Purchases

    Non-HP printers
    will not be supported by IT Services and may be prohibited from being connected to any computer on the school's network.