• The Health Science Academy provides coursework and learning experiences for those students considering a future career in any field of health care. Each course serves as a building block for medical terminology, human body structure and function, mental health, emergency services, and health care careers. Advanced coursework includes a senior internship with rotations through all areas of the hospital, urgent care settings, and incudes but is not limited to: dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, sports medicine, nursing and physician. EMT through dual enrollment with Coastal Community College is also available the senior year.

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  • Health Science Academy Courses for 2017-2018


    1) Health Science Foundations


    2)Emergency Medical Response (EMR)


    4) EMT-Basic Dual Enrollment with Coastal Community College


    5) Clinical Internship


    6) Lifeguard course offered by GSFR






  •                         Health Science Academy Credentials


    1. American Heart Association CPR certification


    2.. American Heart –Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification for the Health Care Provider


    3. AHA Basic Life Support Instructor – Students complete certification as BCLS for The Healthcare Provider. Then, following a written examination, instruction, and practice providing instruction in CPR, they are evaluated. If they demonstrate competency in the written and hands-on exam, students then obtain the credential of American Heart Association CPR Instructor.


    4. American Heart - 1st Aid Certification


    5. Emergency Medical Response (EMR), offered by the GSFR. Students must pass the course with 80% accuracy, then take a written and performance-based national accrediting exam to obtain the EMR credential. 


    6.EMT-  Dual enrollment with Coastal Community College for a credential in the EMT basic. Following completion of this course, students sit for the national EMT basic examination and if successful, obtain the EMT national credential.


    7. Red Cross Lifeguard credential







  •     EMR and EMT are nationally recognized credentials, involving a national registry. Once the courses are completed, students may sit for the exams and become licensed.