BCBOE Approved You Are Unique and Socially Unacceptable Curriculums

  • You Are Unique
    Socially Unacceptable

    The state of Alabama mandates an abstinence-only school curriculum. All Baldwin County middle schools offer the 7th grade You Are Unique Program and the 8th grade Socially Unacceptable Program, which are approved by the Baldwin County Board of Education. Parents have the right via a permission form to deny participation. Students who are not given permission by their parents to participate in the programs are sent to the library when the programs are offered.

    The Women's Care Medical Center in Robertsdale, Alabama provides trained staff to teach the curriculum. At Fairhope Middle School, the curriculum is taught during science classes. Please see the files below for specific information regarding the content of the programs.

    For more information, please contact:

    Jason W. Mann

    Director of Outreach

    Women's Care Medical Center