FHS Peer Helpers Visit 8th Grade Social Studies Classes During Red Ribbon Week

  • Red Ribbon Week
     Peer Pressure

    Peer pressure refusal strategies and making a smooth high school transition are the topics that the Fairhope High School Peer Helpers discuss with FMS 8th graders during their Social Studies classes. Their visit which is arranged by the 8th Grade Counselor, Mrs. Doyle, to the classes takes place during Red Ribbon Week. 

    Staying away from drugs and alcohol and focusing on goals and academics are emphasized. The Fairhope High School Peer Helpers allow a question and answer time which gives students the opportunity to ask questions about academic schedules, clubs, sports, social events, and a typical day in high school.  

     FHS Peer Helpers
    FHS Peer Helpers Visit  
     High School Transition
     FHS Peer Helpers Visit During Red Ribbon Week