• Fairhope Middle School’s Peer Helper Program

    Peer Helpers are chosen based upon completed applications, 3 teacher recommendations, and a screening process by the sponsors, Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Gambino. Not all students who apply are selected. Students must participate in the Pirate Peer Tutoring program in order to apply to be a Peer Helper. Peer Helpers may be involved in peer tutoring, mentoring, and other activities as needed. Peer Helpers are chosen in April/May each year, and are trained in August/September. Peer Helpers meet weekly during the school year. The School Counselors disseminate the application forms and teacher recommendation forms when the selection process begins in the spring. 

    Peer Helper Requirements
    Peer Helper Program 

    Peer tutoring is the chief focus of Fairhope Middle School’s Peer Helper Program. With this in mind, 7th grade students who apply to be a Peer Helper in 8th grade are required to participate in the Pirate Peer Tutoring Program either as a tutor or tutee in 7th grade. Students will be evaluated on whether they are actively engaged in the peer tutoring process including enthusiasm level, sitting with their partner, attendance and punctuality, and the effectiveness of the mentor/mentee relationship. Applications to be a Peer Helper will be available in March/April.

    The FMS Peer Helper Program:

    *Promotes positive communication and interactions among the student body

    *Facilitates student leadership in bullying prevention and provides peer tutoring services

    *Provides school activities related to suicide prevention awareness, drug abuse prevention, and youth violence prevention     

    *Peer Helpers act as School Ambassadors in the community and promote a welcoming spirit of tolerance and commitment to the well being of their peers

    Peer Helper Activities:
    • Schedule Pick Up in August- Tour Students and Families
    • Peer Helper Training
    • Daily Character Education Announcements
    • 7th Grade Anti-Bullying Assembly
    • New Student Breakfast
    • New Student Tours
    • Participate in Pirate Peer Tutoring Program
    • Red Ribbon Week
    • Christmas Game Day for New Students and Pirate Peer Tutoring Program Participants
    • County Peer Helper Jubilee
    • Choose Kindness Week
    • 6th Grade Transition Assembly
    • Serve As School Ambassador and Student Leader in Bullying Prevention
    Fairhope Middle School's Peer Helpers for 2021/2022
     Peer Helpers
    The following students have been selected to serve as 8th grade Peer Helpers for the 2021/2022 school year:  

    Mcllelan Allen

    Dakota Bott

    Addie Bowman

    Zaylee Bradley

    Makayla Broussard

    Bella Chancery

    Ansley Cooper

    Addison Cosgrove

    Austin Etheridge

    Richard Ethridge

    Braelynn Evans

    Anna Hegler

    Lilly Holliman

    Jayden Jackson

    Ella Johnson

    Lydia Lofton

    Madilyn Miles

    Telani Moore

    Lucy Northan

    Anaya Odom

    Sadie Petrus

    Edie Reynolds

    Mary Marshall Roberts

    Abby Wren

    We hope that students who applied for Peer Helper will keep in mind that there are other leadership opportunities at Fairhope Middle School that are available for interested students. Kiwanis Builders Club is an excellent opportunity to show leadership skills and help others in our community. We encourage all the students who applied for Peer Helper to join Builders Club. Also, students do not have to be Peer Helpers in middle school to apply to be a Peer Helper at Fairhope High School.

    Mrs. Doyle

    8th Grade Counselor, Peer Helper Coordinator

    Mrs. Gambino

    7th Grade Counselor, Peer Helper Coordinator

     Peer Helper Program