2014-2015 RHS Yearbook Staff

RHS Yearbook

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    -     Yearbook is a two-semester, elective course (only for self-motivated and amicable students who have received prior approval) designed to provide students with marketable experience in print, and media publishing.

    ¨    This course solely works toward the completion and selling of a large finished product, Robertsdale High School’s yearbook.

    ¨    Yearbook class is dynamically different from other courses taught at this school in that it is a real business, maintaining an account that should balance-out at the end of term.

    ¨    In class, students compose, construct, and edit all elements of computerized text layout, graphic art design, and digital photography.

    ¨    Students also work on many clerical operations, make announcements and signs, conduct student interviews, and maintain hardcopy files. “Yearbook” covers a plethora of the objectives encountered in English courses, as well as art, business, and computer technology.

    ¨    Because “Yearbook” is a monetary business, students must cooperatively work with others, must be industrious, and be creative.

    ¨    Students will “shoot” digital photos, sell advertisement slots, and design and promote the yearbook.