• Lesson 1- Setting Goals Quiz
    Circle the correct answer.


    1. A priority is something that is:

    a. of most importance

    b. of least importance

    c. of some importance

    d. of no importance


    2. A "Rock Priority" may include:

    a. hanging out with friends and socializing

    b. texting and social media

    c. playing video games

    d. school assignments/homework/studying for tests


    3.  A consequence of not spending enough time on "Rock Priorities" could be:

    a. bad grades

    b. failing/being retained

    c. a loss of privileges/restrictions

    d. all of the above


    4. "Pebble Priorities" include:

    a. things we enjoy doing

    b. things we think are fun

    c. things that we find relaxing

    d. all of the above


    5. Learning to balance Rock, Pebble, and Water Priorities is important in making good grades.

    a. True

    b. False


    6. Setting goals requires taking:

    a. one step at a time

    b. multiple steps at a time

    c. a giant leap forward


    7. The "S" in the S.M.A.R.T. goals method of setting goals stands for:

    a. systematic

    b. specific

    c. simple

    d. none of the above


    8. The goal " I want to make good grades" is a S.M.A.R. T. goal.

    a. True

    b. False


    9. The following is an example of a S.M.A.R.T. goal: 

    a. I want to make three "B's" and one" A" second semester in my core courses.

    b. I want to pass second semester.

    c. I want to make all A's.

    d. none of the above  


    10.  The following are benefits of setting goals:

    a. You take control of your life.

    b. You focus on the important things.

    c. You will be more self-confident and believe in yourself.

    d. all of the above