• Time Saving and Organization Tips

    Time Saving Tips
    Take Advantage of "Down-Time"
     Down- Time
    *Use any down-time in class to look over your notes.
    *Use any down-time available waiting for school to start in the morning in the cafeteria or waiting for pick up from after school activities for quick study time.
    Organization Tips- Take Time to Plan on Sunday Nights
     Time to Plan
    In SOAR Study Skills by Susan Kruger, it is recommended that students spend 15- 30 minutes every Sunday night, getting ready for the week. Use your planner and write down your goals, homework, project due dates, test dates, and extra-curricular activities (sports/clubs) for the week.
    Each School Night
    Before you go to bed each school night, take the time to check your planner one last time. Did you get your forms signed- like field trip forms? Is your completed homework in your book bag or on Moodle? Do you have your lunch money? Is there anything else you need to take care of? Make sure everything is in your book bag and place it by your bedroom door. 
    Your Papers and Binder (SOAR Study Skills by Susan Kruger)
     Plastic Dividers
    *Use one 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch- 3 ring binder with inside pockets to organize all your classes. This size binder should fit in your MacBook book bag.
    *Have one plastic folder or divider pocket for each of your classes.
    *Label the plastic folder/divider pockets by the subject.
    *Place 25-30 sheets at the back of of your binder to take notes.
    *Place homework assignments in the divider pockets.
    *Use the inside pockets of the binder for field trip forms, etc.
    *NEVER PUT LOOSE PIECES OF PAPER IN YOUR BOOK BAG. If you are in a hurry, place the papers in the front of your binder to organize later.
    *Create a home filing box. Place your over flow papers from your binder into this box divided by subject manilla folders. DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY OF THESE PAPERS UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR FINAL GRADE. These papers may be used to study for final exams.
     Box with Files
     Organize Your Study Area
    *Find a place to study and do your homework with as few distractions as possible.
    *Lighting and temperature of the room should be adequate to keep you focused.
    *Keep a small bucket handy with study supplies like pencils, erasers, pens, highlighters, post it notes, etc.
    *Turn off your cell phone and the t.v. Your brain can only do one task at a time. Research shows that texting and using social media while doing homework or studying interferes with learning and memory.
     No Cell Phone
    *Stay on task if you are using your Chromebook for homework or studying. Do not surf the internet, engage in playing games, or use social media while doing your homework or studying with your Chromebook.
     No Social Media
    *If you listen to music, make sure that it is the type of music that does not interfere with concentration.
    Homework Tips
    *Give yourself a little break (no more than 45 minutes) after school to relax and eat a snack. The sooner you start your homework, the quicker you will finish.
    *Do the homework you consider the hardest first.
    *Use a timer to help you stay focused while working on homework. Set the timer for the amount of time that you think the homework should take, and then work to beat the clock. This doesn't mean to rush through your work- just stay focused.
    *Use tutorials from your digital textbooks or from websites like Khan Academy to help you understand any concepts causing confusion.
    *Use live homework help tutors available online with Homework Alabama.
    *Always turn in your homework. Believe it or not, this is a step that some students forget.
    Homework Turned In
    Source: SOAR Study Skills by Susan Kruger