• Lesson 2- Time Management and Organization Quiz
    Circle the Correct Answer
    1. The following are the best ways to keep up with school assignments:
    a. use a written planner/agenda
    b. memorize the due dates
    c. use Google Calendar
    d. both a and c
    2.  Homework should be done:
    a. within about the first 45 minutes when you arrive home
    b. about an hour before bedtime
    c. whenever you feel like it
    d. with the t.v. on
    3. The best time to plan for the week is:
    a. Wednesday after school
    b. Sunday night 
    c. during class
    d. none of the above
    4. A distraction to completing homework is
    a. texting a friend 
    b. using social media 
    c. playing video games
    d. all of the above
    5. Students can keep themselves on task by
    a. using a timer and trying to beat the timer
    b. eating snacks while they are doing homework
    c. doing the easiest work first
    d. none of the above
    6. In organizing your binder, it is a good idea to
    a. put papers in your book bag if you are in a hurry
    b. place papers in pocket folders by subject
    c. periodically clean out your binder and store papers in a filing box at home
    d. both b and c
    7. The brain is able to do two are more tasks at a time. 
    a. True
    b. False
    8. Which is not an important planner tip?
    a. use a color coding system
    b. fill in your assignment due dates as soon as you learn them
    c. both a and b
    d. write down only school related information
    9. Google Calendar offers only a monthly calendar feature.
    a. True
    b. False
    10. In the video, "How to Organize Your Agenda/Planner, "the student uses:
    a. drawn pictures to remind him of assignments and events
    b. colored post it notes
    c. blue pen only to write down assignments
    d. none of the above