• Lesson 3- Note Taking And Studying For Tests


    Cornell Note Taking Method

    The Cornell system for taking notes is designed to save time and be highly efficient. There is no rewriting or retyping of notes. It is a "do it right the first time" system. It takes practice, but helps students better comprehend course material which leads to better grades. According to Susan Kruger, SOAR Study Skills, students should take notes when a teacher:

    • Says, "This will be on the test."
    • Says, "This is an important point."
    • Writes on the board
    • Repeats the same information twice
    • Slows down as she speaks, giving you time to write
    • Explains the same concept in several different ways
    • Says, "This is not in the textbook, but it is important."
    Cornell Notes   

How To Take Cornell Notes

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