• Lesson 5- Tracking Your Progress Quiz




    Circle the Correct Answer
    1. Goals can be short-term or long-term.
    a. True
    b. False
    2. Tracking academic short- term and long- term goals can be accomplished by 
    a. checking grades in INOW daily or weekly
    b. checking grades in INOW at mid-quarter, quarter, and semester
    c. waiting for your report card at the end of the year to see if you passed or failed 
    d. both a and b
    3. Goals should be
    a. time framed
    b. realistic
    c. measurable
    d. all of the above
    e. none of the above 
    4. The goal " I will increase my "F" average to an "A "
    a. is not a S.M.A.R.T. goal
    b. is a S.M.A.R.T. goal
    c. is not time bound or specific
    d. both a and c
    5. It is important to track your progress towards your goals.
    a. True
    b. False