General Information: Daily BCBE Covid Report

  • The BCBE transparency report on COVID absences in Baldwin County Public Schools are NOT people who have COVID, but rather people who were absent or sent home for a countless number of reasons related to COVID. We will only report new instances per day, not cumulative. Those in this count may not be on our campuses, some may have never entered our schools. Parents have been calling to let us know their child is out and why their child is out. Some may be quarantined at home with parents. These numbers include students and employees. Not all of these are people who have tested positive for COVID. These numbers do include people who are confirmed positive for COVID, but most will be those who might have been exposed and are choosing to stay home or who might only have symptoms as well as those who were suspected, but then tested negative and returned to school. Parents will be notified directly at the school level in the evenings only if there are COVID absences in their school. For secondary, only by the principal. For elementary, by both the principal school-wide, and the teacher for that classroom. If you have questions about the report please email 

Disclaimer: Close Contact

  • As a reminder, this year the CDC has changed the way in which they treat transmission and define "Close Contacts" in our school setting. Since we are wearing masks and sanitizing properly, the contact between a COVID positive child and others is not what they call "Close Contacts" and according to the CDC, those children do not need to quarantine. Regardless of what the numbers show, we are treating our schools as though we have COVID-19 students in our building every day because the vast majority of children under 18 are asymptomatic. We are cleaning our classrooms and facilities multiple times a day with hospital-grade cleaners, just as we are with our buses and equipment. Our students should be wearing masks or face shields while indoors on campus except at PE or while eating and drinking. We are social distancing where appropriate, washing our hands and sanitizing throughout the day as well. All of this is being done every day, regardless of whether the school has had any reported absences related to COVID-19.