First Name Last Name Subject Email
Maria Adney NJROTC
Treavie Ainsworth Counselor
Tim Akins Chemistry / Forensic Science
Michael Autrey Bus Driver
Matt Blake AD/Head Football
Austin Boyd Art
Tricia Bullard DRS
LuLu Cabaniss Cafe
Sue Calloway Cafe
Sue Cardwell Office
Doris Carpenter Custodian
Joe Carpenter Assistant Principal
Shanda Chaisson Cafe
Brooks Clark Custodian
Colbey Cleckler Science
Josh Coleman Public Service
Leanne Colvin Office
Owen Corcoran Business Tech
Tyler Countryman US History
Sandy Dempsey Algebra
Charann Dumelow World History
Marcus Early Drivers Education
Melisa Everett English
Brenda Fail Bus Driver
Tonya Farrow Business Tech
Brian Franch Intro to Engineering
Michelle Gibbons Special Education
Mark Glassford Assistant Principal
Stephen Hammock Special Education
Denise Harrison Counselor
Teresa Hartley Office
Chip Herndon NJROTC
Jason Hill Physical Science
Tanya Hill Cafe
Michael Hockey Geometry
Melissa House Nurse
Thomas Hughes Bus Driver
Chris Jacks Physical Education
Dale Jernigan Health / Therapeutic Science
Wendy Jones Algebra I & II
Valerie Kaye Media Specialist
Pete Keasberry Building and Grounds Manager
Katherine Kichler Special Education Aide
Rebecca King Bus Driver
Kevin Kiser Custodian
Ellyson Lawrence OCS Aide
Steve Lawrence Fire Fighting
Bruce Llewellyn Custodian
Nellie Llewellyn Custodian
Shirley Lowe Driver's Education Aide
Lynn Lowell Biology
Lisa Lymon Special Education Aide
Kristen Madsen Culinary Arts / Hospitality & Tourism
Madalyn May
Michelle McCann Biology / Earth & Space Science
Olivia McClure Creative Writing / Theater
Eva McDuffie Bus Driver
Amy McKenzie Health/Peer Helpers
Joanna Mercer Counselor
William Mixon Band
Robert Murphree Special Education Aide
Susan Nelson Co-Op
Katie Nettles Curriculum Leader
Daniel Nolan Algebra
Brandi Owens Geometry / Algebra
Debbie Page Bus Driver
Brian Parrish Special Education
Angela Prince Special Education Aide
Kelly Quinley Office
Caroline Roberts World History
Jud Robinson History
Macy Roe PE and Head Volleyball Coach
Jessica Sampley English, AP Literature, and Creative Writing
Tim Simmons Chorus
Kendra Small English