Mr. Osborne

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science - PsychologyMaster of Education - Elementary EdAL Certified K-6

Mr. Osborne

Thank you for stopping by my page. I hope you find it valuable and informative as you learn more about our exemplary school and its amazing faculty. As you read, I hope that you get a sense of my personality and my style as an instructor. I love teaching and I love learning. More importantly, however; I love learning to teach more effectively, and I love teaching to learn more productively.
I grew up in Daphne, and graduated from Daphne High School in 1997. I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Spring Hill College in 2001. In 2011, I received my Master's in Elementary Education from the University of South Alabama.
I have been teaching at DES since 2011. 
Beginning with my undergraduate studies in psychology, I have had a keen and curious interest in how the mind works...particularly how the mind processes new information and how that information fits with existing knowledge. I've studied the cognitive processes involved in learning and I have also investigated a variety of methods which foster greater knowledge acquisition in my students.
When children are in a classroom teeming with a variety of learning tools, empowering experiences, and engaging opportunities; you will witness a hive of wonder and curiosity. A love of learning is cultivated in a classroom by creating a positive environment and providing authentic learning experiences. In our classroom, we learn how to collaborate effectively; we learn how to investigate with purpose; we learn how to inquire extensively; we learn to value the opinions and thoughts of our classmates; and we learn how to wonder and how to uncover and discover. 
Through thoughtful and purposeful techniques, the children in my classroom learn how to examine the arguments of their classmates and how to respectfully disagree (or happily agree) with differing thoughts and ideas. This is an ongoing process that starts from Day 1 and hopefully continues throughout their learning career.
My personal quest to understand the mind, and the electric neurological activity that erupts as new pathways form, has inspired my methods every day. Your mind, my mind, and the minds of your children are fascinating organs! They are the vessels by which we form our perception of the world and beyond. As you learn new concepts and explore new ideas, your mind is experiencing a dazzling display of neural activity. It's like getting to watch fireworks on the 4th of July.
Our school is made up of many people in our community. Without the contributions of our staff, faculty, principal, and YOU, we would not be the touchstone school that we are today!