•  READING & LANGUAGE PLANNER : The current week will always be listed first with previous weeks in order below the current week. This planner lists plans for the week. Any assignments not finished in class are usually expected to be finished at home. READ 30 MINUTES EVERY DAY AFTER SCHOOL.

     2018 - 2019 School Year



     Week of May19th - May 23rd

    Mon - Finish The Westing Game Movie - compare & contrast to the book

          (Rosado and Dey's will watch sometime in homeroom)

          Health projects presented

          Excercises taught 11:15 - 11:45

          Health Fair Rotations 12:45 - 2:44

    Tue- Teach exercises or learn an exercise 8:15 - 8:45

             11:00 - 11:45 Finish Health presentations

             12:30 - 1:00 Health lessons and assignment

              1:00 - 2:30 Talent Show!


    Wed- Homeroom                  7:45 - 8:45

              Head to gym               8:45

               Awards & reception   9:00 - 10:30

               Change for park         10:30 - 11:00

               Walk to park               11:30 - 2:30

                Prepare for dismissal  2:30 - 2:45


    Thu- Report Cards & enrollment information for next year received

             Yearbook signing

              board games/ movie

              Last quizlet live and vocabulary jam tournaments

              Helping teachers

         Saying hello to s u m m e r!    

     It's been a GREAT year! We will miss you, but have an awesome summer!!


    Fri- No school for students, but teachers better come back



    Week of May 13th - 17th

    Mon - Read Westing Game

              Write clues & facts in packet

              Turn in any late or missing work or tests

                **If you are in Rosado or Martin for Walk to Read on Tue,Wed, & Thu, you owe p.585 and p. 596 from Reading Street book*******

                        Check planner & Walk to Read Google Classroom for assignments

    Tue-  GSMS Tour 9:30

              Read Westing Game

              Write clues & facts in packet

              Packet Check today! Grade based on what we've read so far

    Wed- Read Westing Game

              Write clues & facts in packet

    Thu- Read Westing Game

              Write clues & facts in packet

    Fri- Read Westing Game

              Write clues & facts in packet

                  Dolphin Sound Lion King 1:30



    Week of May 6th - 10th

    MON - No vocabulary list this week due to field day Friday

                Read The Westing Game

                Take notes in Westing Game Packet on characters, clues, and information daily.

             **Don't get behind on this. It's a major grade.

                Tweentribune assignment 2 articles on Mysteries. Follow the directions in assignments on Tweentribune exactly. Due Friday. Punctuation, grammar, NEATNESS, proper heading and title count!


    TUE-     Read The Westing Game ;Take notes in Westing Game Packet on characters, clues, and information

                 Answer questions on chapters read            

    WED-    Read The Westing Game ; Take notes in Westing Game Packet on characters, clues, and information

                  Grade and discuss answers of chapter questions

    THU-     Read The Westing Game  Take notes in Westing Game Packet on characters, clues, and information

                           *Student led parent conferences 8:20 - 8:50

    FRI-   Are you up to date on your whoosreading goal? Extra break will be next week!

             Tweentribune assignment due! Bring to Reading class. Put in yellow basket.

             Counselor lesson

             Field Day 11:30 - 2:30  (Kona Ice 12:30; lunch at 1:00 - 1:30)



    Week of April 29th - May 2nd


    Mon- The Westing Game Part 1 Vocabulary practice assigned on vocabulary.com

              Finish Poetry Unit


    Tue- Submit Poetry Unit Google Doc to Reading Google Classroom (beginning of period)

             (The Poems You Submit Must Be Ones That YOU Created)

             Copy at least one of your poems into another doc and share with mmartin1@bcbe.org on Google drive for the poetry wall.

             Intro to Mystery Novel Genre - notes


    Wed- Grammar Book p.227 punctuation

              Intro to The Westing Game Novel

              Set up W.G. packet


    Thu- Check Gram. bk assignment and turn in

             More information on Mysteries

             Tweentribune article assigned 


     Fri- W.G. Vocab. Test

            Read The Westing Game Novel



    Week of April 22nd - 26th

    Mon - Intro to Poetry - notes

               Intro to Poetry assignment on Moodle - Students will complete it in a Google Document and submit on Reading Google Classroom

             Poetry Vocabulary on quizlet (Many people need to finish the www.vocabulary.com practice)

    Tue-  Poetry unit work

              Grammar book - p.224 - 225 hyphens, dashes, colons

    Wed- Poetry unit work Check Grammar book - p.225

    Thu- Poetry Unit work - due Monday

           Be ready for poetry vocabulary test - tomorrow

    Fri-  Poetry vocabulary test

            Coach book assignment,

            poetry handout assignment

            Grammar Book p.226-227 all

            All work from the week is due

    *progress reports go home


    Week of April 8th - 12th


    Mon- Band meets today and P.E. at 12:30 Alternate schedule

             Go to Reading Google Classroom for directions for a.m. time

            Go to Moodle Reading and follow directions for Where's Brian Project 

            It's due Thursday, April 11th.

         Tweentribune article - California teen dedicates life to finding World War II vets

               - Follow directions on "My Assignments" on Tweentribune

           Poetry list Vocabulary.com practice assignment due Friday


    Tue- Work on Where's Brian Project


    Wed- Work  on Where's Brian Project - DUE TOMORROW

               Final Hatchet Test


    Thu- Alternate Schedule

             Present your Where's Brian Projects

            World War II Veterans Assembly 1:00


    Fri- Poetry list vocab practice assignment due today

           Effort/Attendance Park Reward

            Alan Seals WKRG Weather Assembly

    **Have you turned in all Hatchet questions, Tweentribune assignments, vocabulary assignments, Where's Brian project?

    It will be very late after Spring Break - Too late

     Week of April 1st - April 5th        SCAN TRON Testing Week!
                     **Alternate Schedule on Wednesday - Friday**
    Mon- Read Hatchet
             Review for Reading Scan Tron - short passages 
             Poetry Vocabulary Practice assigned - VERY Helpful for Scan Tron Review!
    Tues- Read Hatchet
              Review for Scan Tron- poetry words discussed
              Compare and Contrast like articles
    Wed- Reading Scan Tron - part one   (Part two on Monday, April 8th)
              Finish up Hatchet and start Where's Brian Project
    Thu-  Math Scan Tron - part one
              Where's Brian Project
                Tweentribune article on landfill assigned
    Fri-    Math Scan Tron - part two
              Where's Brian Project
              Hatchet questions due Ch 16-17 & ch 18 - Epilogue

    WEEK of March 25th - 29th
    Mon-  Read Survival articles on www.tweentribune.com and complete the     directions.
              Read Hatchet
              Stay current on chapter questions & quotes/clues - turn in as you do them
              Tween tribune articles - Utah and Snow survivals. Follow online directions due Friday.
    Tue-  Review for Scan Tron
              Read Hatchet
              Stay current on chapter questions - turn in as you do them & quotes/clues
    **Don't forget field trip tomorrow. Bring your lunch if needed.
    Wed- Field trip to N.A.S. Pensacola
    Thu- Review for Scan Tron
              Read Hatchet
              Stay current on chapter questions - turn in as you do them & quotes/clues
              Flashback/foreshadowing review
    Fri- Review for Scan Tron
              Read Hatchet
              Ch 8 - 11 questions due today
              Stay current on chapter questions - turn in as you do them & quotes/clues
              Utah and Snow Article assignments (from Tweentribune) due today


    ~4th Quarter begins~

    Week of March 18th - 22nd


    MON- Read Hatchet

              Answer questions on paper for chapters read

              preposition worksheet and notes

              intro to new vocabulary list 

            new vocabulary.com practice assignment assigned (DUE FRIDAY A.M.)

        **Document daily any quotes and clues of where Brian crashed** -your responsibility


    TUE- Read Hatchet

            P.J. Field Trip

            check preposition worksheet

            **Document daily any quotes and clues of where Brian crashed** -your responsibility


    WED- Read Hatchet

    **Document daily any quotes and clues of where Brian crashed** -your responsibility

              Preposition Test tomorrow - identify prepositions, object of prepositions, and are they used as an adjective or adverb


    THU- Read Hatchet

    **Document daily any quotes and clues of where Brian crashed** -your responsibility

             Preposition test


    FRI-  Read Hatchet

    **Document daily any quotes and clues of where Brian crashed** -your responsibility

            vocabulary test

            Report Cards go home - Return envelope signed



    Week of March 11 - 15

    Mon- Intro to ch 5-8 vocabulary words

              vocabulary.com practiced assigned due by 11:00 a.m. FRIDAY

             Intro to prepositions p.134 - 135 Grammar Book

             Read Chapters 1 & 2 Hatchet

     *last day to turn in tone/mood paper


    Tue- Complete chapter 1 & 2 questions

             Read chapter 3 Hatchet

             Check preposition answers


    Wed- *NO late or missing work accepted after today*

               Preposition assignment

               Read chapter 4

                Complete questions for chapter 3 & 4

              Check answers for chapter 1 & 2


    Thu- Check preposition assignment

              Check answers for chapter 1 & 2

              Flashback lesson

             Read Hatchet


    Fri- Vocabulary.com practice due at 11:00 a.m.

          Vocabulary review and test

    *End of 3rd Quarter


    Week of March 4th - 8th


    Mon - No School- Lundy Gras!

    Tues- No School - Mardi Gras!

    Wed - No School - Teacher Work Day

    Thu - Intro to Hatchet

              Read chapter one

             Some classes read to younger classes for Read Across America Day

              Whooosreading reading goal ends March 14th - 5 passed quizzes

                     - time is running out


    Fri-  Foreshadowing assignment

            Answer questions on chapter one - Hatchet 

           - Due MONDAY



    Week of Feb. 25th - March 1st

    Mon- new vocabulary introduced

             www.vocabulary.com activity assigned for the week - due FRIDAY

              Focus on indefinite pronouns - worksheet

            Read nonfiction high interest rescue story

             & answer comprehension questions

    Tue -Check and discuss indefinite pronoun worksheet

            Read about the difference between accent & dialect on Reading Moodle

             Take the Harvard Survey to see which area of the country you speak most like - Reading Moodle

             Review the Literary Elements Flash Card Study on Reading Moodle

            Tone/Mood lesson - take notes Discovery Ed video

    Wed -tone/mood activity

             indefinite pronoun assignment


    Thu -check pronoun assignment

             tone/mood activity

     tonight- study for vocabulary test and indefinite pronoun test (use grammar book and worksheets))

    Fri- vocabulary practice due

           vocabulary review games

            vocabulary test

            quiziz test on indefinite pronouns (test grade)

            Foreshadowing Activity

    **Turn in all work**



    Week of Feb 18th - 22nd


    Mon- Intro to new vocab words  Root : Domin, Duct

             vocab practice on www.vocabulary.com assigned

              Glossary for chapter

              Read YDY

             (Theme activity - Martin Hrm)


    Tue- Read YDY

             Glossary for chapter

             whoosreading quiz on YDY book

             Write a paragraph with vocabulary words


    Wed- Year Down Yonder Theme assignment

               Read articles with Root: Duct and Nov; find all the words with this root

              Answer Questions on final chapters

              Info on the Radio and listen to Radio shows of the 1930's


    Thu- Read Radio article

             Listen to old radio shows

             Review Mood and Tone

             More practice with theme

    Fri-  Vocab review game

            Vocab Test

             quiz iz on theme and pronoun/antecedents


    Week of Feb 11th - 15th

    Mon - Read YDY

             Intro to vocabulary

    Tue-  Read YDY

               Gram. Bk. assignment on antecedent/pronouns


    Wed- Read YDY

              Questions on chapter

              Check Gram. Bk. assignment AND turn in

    Thu- Read YDY

             Check questions on chapter and turn in

            Theme review lesson and practice

    Fri- Vocab Test

           Read YDY

    *Sock Hop tonight


    Week of Feb 4th - 8th   (YDY = Year Down Yonder Book. A copy is on Reading Moodle)

    MON- Ch 2 "Vittles" Vocab introduced

              New vocab practice assigned on www.vocabulary.com

              Finish reading chapter 2 YDY

              Complete Ch 2 questions

    TUE- Check answers for Ch 2 Questions

             View glossary for ch 3 on Reading Moodle

             Start reading Ch 3 YDY

            Grammar lesson and assignment

    WED- Write a meaningful sentence with each vocabulary word

              Check grammar assignment answers

              Preview ch 4 glossary

              Read chapter 4

    THU- View glossary on ch 5

              Extra break for Math Scan Tron

              Grammar practice

    FRI- Complete questions on chapter 5

            Vocabulary review with quizlet and vocabulary jam

            Ch 2 Vittles vocabulary test 


    Week of Jan. 28 - Feb 1

    Mon - Intro to Rich Chicago Girl Vocabulary

              Vocabulary practice assigned on Vocabulary.com (due Friday)

              Summary video on The Great Depression - Write notes in Binder's Reading sec. 

    Tue - Preview 1930's words and items for Prologue and Chap 1

              Read Chapter 1 A Year Down Yonder

    Wed -  Chapter 1 questions

                Preview A Year Down Yonder Glossary Ch 2

                Read chapter 2

    Thu -   Chapter 2 Activity

               Read chapter 3

               Finish any Reading Compass assignments

    Fri -    Vocabulary Test

               Vocab. practice due

                All work due


    Week of Jan. 21 - 25

    Mon - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

              No School

    Tue- Finish Nonfiction Choice board activity on Color Article and turn in

            Evaluate 2 peer's argument essay

           Reading Tween Tribune article on Martin Luther King, Jr. Take online quiz

    Write a paragraph comparing/contrasting MLK to someone that you admire- Someone that you know or a famous person

    Wed- Read feedback from peer editing activity

              Adjust argument essay as needed and submit to GOOGLE CLASSROOM

    Thu- Connotation/Denotation practice

             Review plot elements

    Fri-   Connotation/Denotation practice

             Review plot elements

    **SCAN TRON TESTS next week

          Reading - Mon

          Math - Tue

          Finish incomplete Scan Tron tests - Wed

          Make up tests - Thu & Fri



    Week of Jan. 14th - 18th

    Mon- Argument words vocabulary test

              Do page 92-94 1-5 From Coach Book (Monday -Rosado's class)

               Martin and Dey class Check and turn in pg.92-94 Coach Book

            Read p.246 - 248 Coach Book How to Write an Argument 

             Argument Essay organizer given


    Tue - Argument topic and options given   (Details in MOODLE LANGUAGE)

              Plan your essay - by researching topic

              Develop 3 reasons

              Research to find evidenc to support your reasons

              Remember to start a credits page for resources  (Google isn't a resource. It's a search engine)

             Rosado's class check and turn in p.92-94

    Wed - Continue researching and working on Argument essay

                lesson in intro and cluding paragraphs


    Thu - Continue working on Argument essay

             Introduction, 3 reason/evidence paragraphs, conclusion, credit page

             Discussion on counterclaims and rebuttals


    Fri - Submit Argument essay in Moodle Language for peer editing

           Read Color article on www.tweentribune.com

               Take online quiz

               Complete 3 Nonfiction Choice Board activities for the article



    Week of Jan. 7th - 11th

    Mon - Personification worksheet

              persuasive/argument vocabulary words - quizlet

              Coach Book p. 82 - 89 whole group Reading persuasive text


     Tue - Check personification worksheet

             Coach Book p. 90 - 94 Reading persuasive text

             Coach book p. 302 - 307 Listening to persuasive presentations

             *Study for figurative language test


    Wed - Figurative Language Quiz including: similie, metaphor, imagery, personification, hypebole, onomatopoeia

               Read and discuss argumentative articles/letters

    Thu- Review of vocabulary words

             Coach book p. 308 - 311


     Fri-  Vocabulary test (**Moved to MONDAY**)

             Do page 92-94 1-5 From Coach Book (Monday -Rosado's class)

             Read Coach book p.246 -251 How to write a persuasive argument


    Week of Jan. 3rd & 4th


    Thu- Third Quarter starts

            Review of figurative language with short stories


    Fri- Review of figurative language with short stories

           Any work from Dec 17th and 18th is due!

          Check Dec 17th planner for assignments.




    I hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday Break!    Mrs. Martin misses you!
                                                                                       Have a great break! /\__/\

                                                                                                                      (=^ . ^=)   

     Week of Dec 17 & 18

    Mon 12/17 - Coach Book (purple & white workbook) p. 28-35 assignment on plays/dramas

                                 Grammar pages p.170 - 171

    Tues 12/18- Read play aloud from Coach Book

                               Write a paragraph using good grammar and punctuation about one of the characters in A Long Way from Chicago. Include in the paragraph a description of the character's personality and if they changed during the story. Give examples from the story to prove your opinion about the character.



    WEEK OF Dec. 10th - 14th and Week of Dec. 17 & 18th

    This is the last week of 2nd Quarter. ALL work due Friday,Dec. 14th.


    Mon- **No new vocabulary this week or test

                 Read Chicago book

                 Reflexive pronoun work sheet 

                 Dey & Rosado Hrm - Turn in handwriting sheet

    Tues- Read Chicago Book

                  Check together reflexive work sheet

                   Rosado hrm- turn in chapter 4 questions


    Wed- Read Chicago Book

                 Test on Reflexive Pronouns

    Thu-  Read Chicago Book

               Test on Chicago Book

              Newsela Article on Sponge Bob Creator and take quiz

    Fri-   Finish A Long Way from Chicago book

                **ALL WORK & TESTS MUST BE TURNED IN.




    WEEK OF DEC. 3rd - 7th

    MON- Read Chicago

               Chapter 3 questions

              *Take Fossil Article quiz and Earth Moving Quiz TODAY if you have not.

              New vocabulary introduced

               Study on vocabulary.com and quizlet

    **Complete the practice on www.vocabulary.com. Most students that completed the practice did very well on last week's test.

    TUE- Read Chicago

             Check chap 3 answers

             Intro to reflexive pronouns


    WED- Read Chicago

              Chapter 4 questions

               Handwriting page

              Reflexive pronouns assignment

    THU- Read Chicago

              Check ch 4 answers

              Check Reflexive pronoun answers

              Turn in Reflexive pronoun sheet


    FRI- Read Chicago

             Turn in work - handwriting, ch 3 & 4 graded pages

             vocabulary test


    Week of Nov. 26th - Nov. 30th


    Mon- Field Trip to A Christmas Carol

             Counseling with Mr. Cooper 8:20

             Finish Reading Mouse in Milk Chapter and complete question sheet

              Review of pronouns

              Chicago vocabulary words assigned

    This week:     Make sure you've read the articles on www.newsela.com on Fossils and the Earth Moving. Take the quizzes.

    Tue- Read Chicago

             Review figurative language techniques - notes

           School Spelling Bee - after School Good luck Emma, Baylen, and Nevin

    Wed- Read Chicago

              Complete question sheet on chapters

              pronoun assignment

    Thu- Read Chicago

             figurative language practice

             check and discuss pronoun assignment

    Fri-  Vocabulary test

            Read Chicago

            Turn in any work


    Week of Nov. 13th - 16th

    Mon - VETERANS' DAY - No School

    Tue- Students continue to present 1930's projects

            New vocabulary given for A Long Way from Chicago

            Assignment on www.vocabulary.com

    Wed- View Chicago Glossary on Reading Moodle

              Introduce to A Long Way from Chicago Book

              Read first chapter of Chicago

    Thu- Do questions on first chapter

             Read 2nd chapter

    Fri-   Do questions on 2nd chapter

             Vocabulary Test

             Fire Safety lesson with GSFD

            PROGRESS REPORTS go home - return signed

            **Field Trip Monday, Nov 26th, to see A Christmas Carol.


    Week of Nov. 5th - 9th

    Mon- Read Daylight Savings Time article on Newsela and take quiz

              Review rubric for 1930's Lifestyles Info article project

              Spelling Bee practice words on Reading Moodle

    Tue-  Work with partner on 1930's project - directions on Reading Moodle

    Wed- Continue to work on project

                Read article on fossils and take quiz

    Thu- Boosterthon (shorten classes)

             Finalize 1930's project and submit on Reading Google Classroom

    Fri-   Present 1930's project to your class

             Spelling Bee for each class 

    Nov. 9 Progress Reports go home

    Nov.9 Veteran’s Day Concert (K-3 @ 8:30, 4-6 @10:00)

    Nov. 9 Harvest Festival 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the school

    **Monday, Nov. 12th No School in honor of Veterans' Day


    Week of Oct. 29th - Nov 2nd

    MON - MARTIN HRM - Share shory stories

              Martin/Dey Rosado - Counseling at 8:20 w/Mr. Cooper

               DEY/ROSADO - Narrative notes

               All - Check p.140 Sub/Obj pronouns

               Suffix vocabulary list

    TUE -  Boosterthon pep rally

               Nonfiction terms introduced

               Nonfiction articles


              Dey/Rosado - Ch 19 assignment on Moodle

              P. 141 Grammar Book


    WED - Non fiction text features




    FRI -  Nonficiton text features



    Week of Oct. 22nd - 26th  *NO NEW VOCABULARY this week*

    MON- Read Frisby Book

              Chapter 19 assignment in Moodle Reading - due Friday

              Pronoun assignment on Reading Pathblazer in Compass

              Reread DNA article and do a choice response on back

             *Flu shots for those that brought back the completed form*

    TUE- Read one chapter of Frisby

             Pronoun work in Grammar Book pg. 140

             Handwriting worksheet

             On lined paper Complete Coach Book assignment

             Reread DNA article and do a choice response on back

    WED- Read Frisby 

              Check Pronoun assignment

              Continue with Coach Book assignment

               DNA article responses due

    Thu-  Read Frisby

             How to write a narrative notes

            Continue Reading Moodle Ch 19 assignment


     FRI-  Share DNA Article choices

            Ch 19 Short story due

             Coach Book assignment due

           **Student led conferences 8:20 - 8:55



    Week of Oct. 16th - Oct. 19th


    Mon- No School


    Tue- Read Frisby Book

             Answer chapter questions on Reading Moodle

             Review parts of the plot

             Nouns notes in Binder's Reading section

             Choose 8 of 1st Quarter vocabulary words & complete the vocabulary handout


    Wed- Read Frisby Book

              Answer chapter 18 questions on Reading Moodle

              Nouns notes - link on Google Classroom


    Thu- Practice with 1st Quarter Vocabulary words

             W.O.R.D. vocabulary program introduced

             Read Frisby book


    Fri- Read Nonfiction Article on DNA. Choose one Nonfiction choice board activity and write on back.

           Read Frisby book

          Nouns Quiz - Be familiar with abstract, concrete, collective, and countable nouns.


    Week of Oct. 8th - 12th

    Mon- 1. Make sure that you have read through chapter 14 of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

              2. Then, review parts of a plot from your notes in your binder. Take Ch 1- 14 Mrs. Frisby book test on Reading Moodle ***

                  (The teacher has the password)

              3. Reread Rats vs. Mice Article you were given last week

              4. Choose a response and write neatly on the back from the Non-fiction Choice board chart that is in your Binder's Reading Section.

              5. Complete handwriting page on the lines provided: Trace and write once the alphabet. Next, trace the numbers and their names and write them 3 times. 

              6. Complete the NOUNS worksheet

              7. If you finish before changing classes, read your library book and complete quizzes in Whoosreading.org.

         **MANY STUDENTS HAVE NOT COMPLETED ALL MRS. FRISBY READER RESPONSES ON READING MOODLE. You need to finish them. They will not be accepted after Wednesday.**

    Tue- Read Mrs. Frisby - at least two chapters

             Reread the Rats vs. Mice article again and choose a 3rd nonfiction reader response to write on the back.

             Check and discuss NOUNs worksheet

             Read your library book and complete quizzes in Whoosreading.org

     **This is the LAST day to turn in late or missing work. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Wed- Turn in Rats/Mice Reader responses to Reading basket

              Read Mrs. Frisby


    Thu- Read Mrs. Frisby

             Review 1st quarter vocabulary words

    Fri- No School: Teacher Work Day. ALSO, no school Monday, October 15th.


    Week of Oct. 1st - 5th

    Mon - Read Frisby Book

              Plot practice

              Simple Subjects worksheet

              New vocabulary introduced

    Tue- Write 5 sentences using new vocablary

             Check Simp.Sub. page

             Read Frisby

             Complete Reader Responses for chapter read


    Wed- Read nonfiction article on Rats

              Choose 2 non-fiction choice board responses to complete

              Read Frisby

              Complete Simple Subject page

    Thu-  Check Simple Sub. page

              Share non-fiction choices

              Plot practice

              Do Reader Responses through chapter 10

    Fri-  Review vocabulary

            Vocabulary Test

            Read Frisby

            Complete any Reader Responses on Moodle for chapters read


    Week of Sept. 24th - Sept. 28th

    Mon- New vocabulary words assigned - add to p.8 of Reading Sec. of Binder

              Read Mrs. Frisby book

              Complete subject/predicate worksheet

              Complete Character worksheet


    Tue-  Read Frisby Book

              Complete Reader Responses on Moodle Reading

              Plot info added to Reading Sec. of binder

              Plot example added to Reading Sec. of binder

    Wed- Read Frisby Book

              Complete Reader Responses in Moodle Reading

    Thu- Theme Review

             Subject/predicate practice

             Read Frisby Book

             Complete Reader Responses for any chapters read

    Fri- Vocabulary review and test

           Read Mrs. Frisby Book

           Reading Response on Moodle Reading

           Make sure all work is turned into yellow basket

            with heading



    Week of Sept. 17th - 21st

    Mon- Finish Black Pearl read aloud

              Watch video about Theme

              Complete Theme assignment for Black Pearl on Reading Google Classroom

           Introduction to new vocabulary words for Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

              Words posted on Vocabulary.com and Quizlet.com 

               Complete assigned practice on Vocabulary.com by Friday


    Tue- Write Vocabulary words 3 times each put in Language Basket

             Grammar Book p. 56 Reviewing Subjects/predicates 

              Review Literature GENRES - notes in Reading section of binder

             Start Reading Mrs. Frisby Book (Copies of chapters are posted on Reading Moodle)


    Wed- Subjects/Predicates video

              Study vocabulary words

               Read Mrs. Frisby book

              Complete Grammar Book p. 57 #2-20 evens 


    Thu-  Check p. 57 Grammar

               More Subject/predicate practice

              Complete practice questions or quiz on www.whooosreading.com 

              **Make sure you take the Whoosreading quiz on Black Pearl

               More Theme Practice

              Read Mrs. Frisby Book

              Study vocabulary words - test Friday


    Fri-    Quizlet Live Voc. Review Game

              Vocabulary Jam Review

               Vocabulary Test

               Read Mrs. Frisby Book

               Complete Reader's Response for Chapter 1 & 2 on Reading Moodle


    Week of Sept. 10th - Sept. 14th

    Mon- Review Scan Tron testing procedures

    Answer Questions to "Ellis Island of the West" Article

    Continue answering questions 1 - 24 for chapters 7-9 of The Black Pearl


    Tue - Math Scan Tron in homeroom

                   Shortened Schedule for other subjects

                Study vocabulary for test tomorrow

                Finish Black Pearl ch 7-9 questions Turn in Black Pearl Answers

                Read Black Pearl

    Wed -  Reading Scan Tron

                Shortened Schedule for other subjects

              Quizlet Live review

              Vocabulary test 

             Read Black Pearl

    Thu-  Read true story, Names/Nombres


    stam·i·na noun
    1. the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.
      "their secret is stamina rather than speed"
      synonyms: endurance, staying power, tirelessness, fortitude, strength, energy, toughness, determination, tenacity, perseverance, grit
      "I felt my stamina weakening"


    rig·or noun: rigor
    1. the quality of being extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate.
      "his analysis is lacking in rigor"
      synonyms: meticulousness, thoroughness, carefulness, diligence, scrupulousness, exactness, exactitude, precision, accuracy, correctness, strictness
      "intellectual rigor"

            Read Black Pearl

    Fri- Choose a novel or writing choice board activity to complete

            with the Names/Nombres story

            Finish Black  Pearl

          Introduction to Theme

          Theme Notes added to Reading Section of binder



    Sept. 4th - Sept. 7th

    Mon - Labor Day - no school


    Tue - Early Dismissal due to storm

              New vocabulary added to Reading Sec. of binder

              Study words on Quizlet

             Read Black Pearl on Reading Moodle

             Complete p. 52 of Gram. Bk on lined paper

    Wed -       (School Out due to Tropical Storm Gordon)





    Thu - Read page 54 and complete p. 54 of Gram. bk

              Check p. 52 and turn into Language Basket

              Choose 5 vocabulary words. Write a meaningful sentence with each.

               Read non-fiction article and choose a response from nonfiction choice board

               Write neatly and have a title and heading


              Read Black Pearl on Reading Moodle

             *Study vocabulary words

    Fri - Vocabulary test (Rescheduled for Tues, Sept.11th)

             Read Black Pearl

             Complete questions 1- 24 on Ch 7 - 9

              Re-Read non-fiction article and choose a 2nd response from nonfiction choice board

               Write neatly and have a title and heading



     Aug. 27th - Aug. 31st

    Mon - Finish nonfiction & fiction assessment

               Read Black Pearl

               Intro to new Black Pearl Vocabulary

    Tue - Grammar Book- Types of Sentences

                Do p.51 evens

              Read Black Pearl

             www.whoosreading.com - answer practice questions

    Wed - Check Grammar Book page 51

               Handwriting assignment

               Read Black Pearl

               Read fiction story of immigrants

              Choose response from choice board

    Thu - Grammar Book page 53 all

              Read Black Pearl

              Individual Reading Conferences

              Read nonfiction article on immigrants

              Choose response from choice board

              Answer Black Pearl Questions

              Study for Vocabulary Test

    Fri -   Quizlet Review Game

              Check Grammar page 53

               Read Black Pearl

        Turn in all work - handwriting, Black Pearl Answers, and any other assignments


    August 20th - August 24th

    Mon -  Martin Hrm nonbanders - Music today

              Join websites used often (Google classroom, Quizlet, Vocabulary.com, Whoosreading.org)

               Reading Interest Survey

               Pre-Spelling test (show what you know)

               Rosado's hrm get library book

              Start The Black Pearl Read aloud

    Join your homeroom's reading Google classroom go to Google Classroom

    through Moodle:

    Martin hrm join code: oxytlen

    Dey hrm join code: g9lfqdf

    Rosado hrm join code:  njqwb31


    Join Quizlet Class: https://quizlet.com/join/hC2Fk2VPN 


    Martin Reading join vocabulary.com link: http://vocab.com/join/23VEDY8 


    Dey Reading join vocabulary.com link: http://vocab.com/join/17EZV9G


    Rosado Reading join vocabulary.com link: http://vocab.com/join/3WPY09X

    Tue - Fictional passage assessment

               Vocabulary list introduced

              pearl diving information

              The Black Pearl Read aloud


    Wed - nonfictional assessment

              Spelling Assesment

              The Black Pearl Read aloud


    Thu - Intro to Google Classroom and Google Docs

              La Paz facts assignment on Reading Google Classroom

              Intro to www.whooosreading.com ( replacing A.R. program)

             The Black Pearl Read aloud

             Write four sentences using one vocabulary word each


    Fri - Quizlet Vocabulary practice review game

            Vocabulary test

           Nonfiction assessment

            The Black Pearl Read aloud



    Aug 15th - Aug 17th

    Wed - Get to know you

               Rules and procedures

               Set up cubby and binder

    Thu - Rules and procedures



    Fri - Procedures





    2017 - 2018 School Year

    Week of May 21st - May 25th

    Mon-Watch Get a Clue movie compare to the novel

             The Westing Game

            A.R. Reward extra recess

           Talent Show 


    Tue - Awards Ceremony 10:00

              Walk to the Park    11:30 - 2:30

               Finish Get a Clue Movie


    Wed - Learn exercises form Rosado's class

               Present Health Project Activities

               "Fate" Activity


    Thu - Health Project Activities

              Teach Smith class exercises

              Finish Fate Activity

             Health videos and comprehension questions

             Start Leader in Me Reward Movie


    Fri -   Leader in Me Reward Movie

             Quizlet Live competition with vocabulary from the year

             Pack up

            Critical Thinking Activities

            Report Cards go home


    Week of May 14th - 18th

    Mon - Turn in all late work

               Read Westing Game

               write notes/clues in notebook

              COMPLETE WEST. GAME Worksheet due Tue.

              COMPLETE West. Game Voca. definitons and handwriting page Due Tue.


    Tue - Read Westing Game

               write notes/clues in notebook

              Turn in WEST. GAME Worksheet 

              Turn in West. Game Vocab/handwriting page


    Wed - Read Westing Game

               write notes/clues in notebook

    Thu - Read Westing Game

               write notes/clues in notebook


    Fri -    Read Westing Game

               write notes/clues in notebook

               Test on Westing Game Novel


    Week of May 7th - May 11th


    Mon - Turn in all late work

               Read Westing Game

               write notes/clues in notebook


    Tue - Read Westing Game

               write notes/clues in notebook


    Wed - Read Westing Game

               write notes/clues in notebook

    Thu - GSMS Tour

              Read Westing Game

               write notes/clues in notebook

    Fri - Career Fair/Parade

            Read Westing Game

               write notes/clues in notebook

        **Turn in Composition Book for grading.**



    Week of April 30th - May 4th


    Mon - Watch Duma 

                 Compare/contrast to Hatchet on loose paper


    Tue - Finish Duma

           ** If you haven't turned in p.147 Gram. bk. you need to do so.**

              Intro to The Westing Game

              Intro to Westing Game Vocabulary


    Wed - Choose one of your poems; copy into a 

               new document; Title it: Poetry Wall; Share with mmartin1; Due today!


               Set up composition notebk pages for Westing Game

                See trailer of movie for the book/ preview characters

               Start Reading Westing Game


    Thu - Read Westing Game

              Take notes on Character pages. 

               Fill out Sunset Towers page in composition book listing

               which character lives in which apartment


    Fri -     Vocabulary test - Westing Game Part one words

                Read Westing Game

               Field Day




    Week of 23rd - 27th


    Mon - Gram bk p. 143 whole group

               Individual Poetry Project on Moodle Reading (due Friday)

               Type answers on a Google document in order and put subtitles before answers


    Tue-   Gram bk. p. 146 whole group

               Work on Individual Poetry Project on Moodle Reading

               Work on Compass Reading Poetry assignment (It's been repaired)


    Wed- Do page 147 Gram. Bk. on loose paper

              Work on Individual Poetry Project on Moodle Reading

             **Math Reward day


    Thu-  Work on Individual Poetry Project on Moodle Reading

              CHECK page 147 Gram. Bk. on loose paper

          **Math Reward day


    Fri- Read a Reverse Poem and make your own

           Do page 148 & 149 Gram. Bk. on loose paper

           Purple/white Coach book assignment Poetry Lesson page 16 -

            Submit Poetry Project on Reading GOOGLE CLASSROOM

    **Math Reward Extra Recess and lunch outside


    Mon - Watch Duma compare and contrast to the Hatchet novel

               on loose paper

               Read Library book


    Week of April 16th - 20th


    Mon - Math Scan Tron

              Finish Where's Brian projects

              Grammar book assignment page _142_____

              Read library book

              Poetry list 2 vocabulary introduced

    Tue - Show Where's Brian Projects

              Write poetry list 2 words three times each

              Check Grammar book assignment page __142____


    Wed - Start poetry assignment on Moodle

             Work on Reading Compass assignment


    Thu - Study poetry list vocabulary words

              Work on Poetry assignment in Google Docs.

               Work on Compass Assignment


    Fri - Work on Poetry assignment in Google Docs.

            Vocabulary.com review game

             quizlet review game

             Poetry list 2 vocabulary test


    Week of April 9th - 13th

    Mon- Review for Scan Tron

              Finish any poetry notes

              Fables and Myths assignment


    Tue- Review for Scan Tron



                 Do your best and allow others to do theirs also



                 Do your best and allow others to do theirs also

            Math Review :) Least Common Multiple/ Greatest Common Factor


    Fri- Gulf Quest Field Trip

           *no electronics, no gift shop visits

            Don't forget your lunch


    Week of April 3rd - 7th

    Mon- Where's Brian project w/group (Directions on Reading Moodle)

              Argument review

    Tue- Where's Brian project w/group

              Poetry vocabulary words


    Wed- Where's Brian project w/group (Dey/ Martin)

               Intro to poetry

              Figurative language review

    Thu-   Groups Presentation of Brian projects (**moved to after Spring Scan Tron test next Week)

               Plot Review


               Poetry words vocabulary test

              More Scan Tron review


    Week of March 19th (2nd week of 4th quarter)


    Mon - **No new vocabulary list this week

                  Some classes will take last week's test today

                   Grammar book page on loose-leaf paper - pronouns p.141

                    Read Hatchet

                    Summarize chapter and Brian's Location clues

     Tue -        Read Hatchet

                    Summarize chapter and Brian's Location clues

                     Check grammar page

     Wed -        Read Hatchet

                    Summarize chapter and Brian's Location clues

                    handwriting page

     Thu -        Read Hatchet

                    Summarize chapter and Brian's Location clues

                     Start organization for "Where's Brian" project with partner

     **picture day & Special Olympics parade

    Fri -          Read Hatchet

                    Summarize chapter and Brian's Location clues

                    continue organization for "Where's Brian" project

                    A.R. Test on Hatchet

                    Hatchet test on Moodle

    Turn in all work.

    It will be counted late after Spring Break. 



     Week of March 11th - 16th First week of 4th quarter


    Mon - Read Newsela article on "Daylight Savings Time"  and complete a 3-2-1 on     loose paper

               New vocabulary list introduced- gn,wr words

               Read Hatchet

               Record info on Brian pages per chapter

    Tue - Read article on Newsela survival story 

              Complete "Slice It" page on the article

               Read Hatchet

               Record info on Brian pages per chapter


    Wed - Grammar Book Assignment Read p.140

              Read Hatchet

               Record info on Brian pages per chapter


    Thu -  Grammar assignment p.141

               Read Hatchet

               Record info on Brian pages per chapter

               vocabulary.com assignment for gn,wr words


    Fri - Read Hatchet

               Record info on Brian pages per chapter

            Vocabulary game

            Vocabulary Test

             Check page 141 Grammar Book



    Week of March 5th - 9th


    Mon- ** All late and make up work/tests are due today. 

              Read Auto Article - Find main idea and details

              New vocab. introduced

              Argumentative writing - Coach book p.82

    Tue- Check and discuss Coach Book p.83

             Intro to Hatchet Novel

    Wed- Read Hatchet

              Vocabulary assignment- 5 words:ant.,syn.,part of speech, meaningful sentence.

               Notes in Notebook

    Thu- Read Hatchet

             Canada Map, Where's Brian Clue page, Evidence/flashbacks per chapter pages, Author article into orange folder and explained

             "March Sayings" including The Ides of March orange folder assignment

    Fri- Read Hatchet

           Document about chapter's read and Where's Brian page

           Vocabulary review game

           Vocabulary test



    Week of Feb. 26th - March 2nd


    Mon - Show outlines of Climate

              New vocabulary introduced

              Citing evidence lesson and practice (from Compass) 

    Tue - Finish Citing evidence practice and discuss

             Nonfiction Article assignment


    Wed - Review for County test

               Test taking tips

                Vocabulary activity with Automobile Article


    Thu - County test - Martin & Dey Homerooms


    Fri - Vocabulary Test

            County test- Rosado Homeroom

            Martin & Dey Hrms - Dr. Seuss lessons with English as a 2nd Language teachers


    !!! 3rd Quarter ends March 9th. No late work can be accepted after Monday, March 5th!!!





    Week of  February 19th - 23rd

    *We will prepare for our 2nd Formative County Assessment. We want to score the best! So we will review skills to be tested.

    Mon - New vocabulary

               Share plots for "The rest of the story"

                Figurative Language Review - Idiom Worksheet

                Connotation/Denotation Review - worksheet

     *Finish Theme Compass Assignment - It is a grade.


    Tue - Central Idea and supporting details reviewed

               Summarize without your opinion conveyed

               Vocabulary.com practice (The more words you know the better for the vocabulary part of the test) Do the assignments


    Wed - Central Idea and supporting details - Grammar Book p.222 -223

               Outline the Important points from p.518 - 522 Science book (Climate topic)


    Thu - Reading Same topic in Fiction and nonfiction Skunk/Cat stories

              Do questions on the passages

              Vocab work - For 5 words write meaningful sentences; write each word correctly 5 times.


    Fri - Quizlet Voc. Practice

            Voc. test

           Finish outlines

            Finish Skunk/Cat story questions



    Week of Feb. 14th - 16th

    Wed. - Finish story starter that includes Dialogue and turn in

                Fictional Passage Test

    Thu.-  Notes on Argument Writing

              View and analyze argument writing samples

              vocabulary.com challenge

              Quotation mark review

    Fri.-   Theme Compass Assignment

              Argument notes


    Week of Feb. 5th - 9th

    Mon- Read YDY

             Vocab introduced

             Quotation mark/Dialogue practice

    Tue- Nonfiction passage on Radio

                Do 3-2-1 in orange folder or 3 choice board activities

               There is a choice board link on this webpage in the list to the left

            Read YDY

            YDY A.R. Test (This will go in grade book)

    Wed - Theme Lesson

               Act out a scene from YDY with your group showing the theme

              Grammar page 220 on loose-leaf

              Check Away in Manger/Hearts questions

              Take A.R. test on YDY (it will be a grade)


    Thu-  Vocabulary activity with 5 words - sentence, syn,ant, rhyme ,part of speech on loose paper

              Finish Theme skits

              Theme notes in notebook


    Fri-  Finish the story starter; include dialogue

           Quizlet Live vocab practice

           Vocab test

            Handwriting assignment




    Week of January 29th - Feb. 2nd 

    Mon - "Away in the Manger" Chapter questions worksheet

                Read Year Down Yonder

               Vocabulary introduced

               quiziz test on plural nouns


    Tue - Read Year Down Yonder

              Check Chapter questions

              Do 1-15 on Away in Manger/Hearts & Flour worksheet

              Notes on Dialogue tags in notebook

              Gram. Bk page 218 whole group - together


    Wed - Read Year Down Yonder

               Gram. Bk. page 219 follow book directions EXACTLY - loose leaf

              Do Hearts & Flour questions on worksheet received Monday


     Thu-  Read Year Down Yonder

              Check Gram Bk. page 219

              Check and discuss Away/Heart Worksheet

              Study for voc test


     Fri-  Read Year Down Yonder

           Vocabulary test

           fictional passage test


    Week of January 22nd - 26th


    Mon. - Nonfiction one page test

               Root: Pac Vocabulary words given

              Read Year Down Yonder

    **Any assignments from last week WILL need to be completed.**


    Tue.- Check Nonfiction one page test

              Gram. Bk p.__83__in notebook

              Read Year Down Yonder


    Wed.- Gram. Bk. p._82___

               Read Year Down Yonder


    Thu.- Choose 10 of the vocabulary words and write a meaningful sentence for each word on loose paper.

              Check answers to ch 1 Rich Chicago Girl

              Read Year Down Yonder

              Do questions for previous chapter on loose paper

              Check Gram. Book p.__83_ 


    Fri.- Quizlet voc. review game

            Root: Pac Vocabulary test

            Read Year Down Yonder



    Week of January 16th - 19th

    Mon- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

             No School


    Tue - Reading Scan Tron Mid-Year Test in Homeroom

               Do Your Best!

             (Go to Reading Google Classroom to read all details on assignments for this week.)

              Handwriting practice with Year Down Yonder words - Trace, then write twice

              Year Down Yonder Ch. 1 questions glue on p. 35 of Reading Notebook and answer the questions on the same page in COMPLETE Sentences. Use the online version of the book on Reading Moodle.

              Read Newsela article on Martin Luther King, Jr. and write a 3-2-1 on loose paper

             Read A.R. Book Do an activity on www.whooosreading.com


    Wed- Snow Day - No school


    Thu- Snow Day- No School


    Fri-  Math Scan Tron Mid-Year Test in Homeroom

              Do Your Best!

              (Go to Reading Google Classroom to read all details on assignments for this week.)

             Complete if you weren't able to do so on Tuesday: 

             Handwriting practice with Year Down Yonder words - Trace, then write twice

             Year Down Yonder Ch. 1 questions glue on p. 35 of Reading Notebook and answer the questions on the same page in COMPLETE Sentences. Use the online version of the book on Reading Moodle.

              Read Newsela article on Martin Luther King, Jr. and write a 3-2-1 on loose paper

            Read A. R. Book - make an entry into Whooosreading




    Week of January 8th - 12th     (YDY= Year Down Yonder)

     Mon. - Present 1930's essays to the class

               Gram. bk. page 84 on loose paper - Determining important information

               Read Habit article again on Newsela and respond in orange folder

                Vocabulary words introduced - Root Tran

                Students present their 1930's essay

     Tue. - Introduce A Year Down Yonder Novel -

                   Pictures of the 1930's and Glossary on Reading Moodle

              Vocabulary and glossary for book  is on Moodle Reading

              PDF copy of book on Reading Moodle also

              Students present their 1930's essay

               Grammar page 80 in Reading notebook- Plural nouns

     Wed. - Read Yonder

                Gram. bk. page 84 in Reading notebook - Determining important information

                Choose 8 vocab. words to write meaning sentences in reading notebook

    Thu. - Read YDY

               Chocolate Sales Kickoff

               Review words in the YDY chapter

               Students share information on their 1930's essay

               Read library book

     Fri. - Quizlet review game

              Vocabulary test- Root Tran

              Read YDY


     Week of January 3rd - 5th, 2018


    Wed. - Work on 1930's Essay. 

                Check to make sure you included everything required.

                Students will assess each other's essay's and give suggestions.

                Grammar Book page 138 on loose paper ( Follow the book's directions)

                Transition Word/phrase practice sheet

                Read Newsela article on resolutions and response in orange folder


    Thu - Check and discuss p. 138 Grammar

              Read Resolutions article again and write a 2nd response in orange folder


     Fri. - Finish and submit Final essay on Google Classroom

              Read Resolution article a 3rd time and respond in orange folder

             Read Newsela article on "Habits" and respond in orange folder


    Week of Dec. 10th - 15th

    Mon-  **No vocabulary words this week**

             Write a summary of your Saturday using figurative language techniques on loose paper

             Work on 1930's Informative essay.Directions on Reading Moodle. Research should almost be complete start to create your paragraphs


    Tue -  Transition words and phrases lesson, notes, and worksheet.

            Continue to work on 1930's Informative Essay. 

    Wed -  Create a plot summary of one chapter of A Long Way from Chicago. Include stating the parts of the plot (conflict, some main events, climax, & resolution)

               Work on Informative essay. Add transition words and phrases. First draft due TOMORROW.

               **LAST DAY TO TURN IN ANY LATE WORK. Quarter ends Dec.15th. Report Cards will be finalized before Jan. ABSOLUTELY no 2nd quarter can be turned in in January.**


    Thu - Submit  First draft of Informative essay to Reading Google Classroom.   

             Last day to turn in THIS WEEK's work.

              Review of the vocabulary for this week on quizlet.

    Fri - Stay in homeroom. Homeroom teachers will hand out assignments for all 3 classes.

           Leadership/End of Semester Celebration

          DISMISSAL IS 12:00 Today!

    Have an awesome break from school! See you January 3rd, 2018!



    New owl's at Whooos

    You asked and they are available for a limited time. New costumes for your owl. Earn points to buy costumes by answering questions and completing quizzes.




    Week of Dec. 4th - 8th

    Mon. - Go on Whooosreading at least 3 times this week.

                Read Chicago 

               Finish listing literary elements in chapters 1-4 in Orange Folder (3 each chapter)

               New vocabulary introduced

               Read pg. 72 Gram. Bk.

    Tue. - Turn in Orange Folders for grading

               Read Chicago

               Read non fiction Great Depression Article on Moodle


    Wed. - Take A.R. test on Chicago

                 Good beginnings and endings in writing notes

                1930's Informational Essay explained. Directions on Moodle Reading

                 Tips for introductory sentences


    Thu. - Info paragraph on Pearl Harbor in orange folder

               Notes and organizer explained for "1930's Lifestyles" project

               Study vocabulary for tomorrow's test

    Fri. - Vocabulary test

             Start researching for "1930's Lifestyles" project

             Tips for closing sentences and paragraphs

              Plot activity on one of the "Chicago" Chapters 


    Week of Nov. 27th - Dec 1st

    Mon. -          DEY Hrm - Coach Bk homework p.131-134  #1-4, Refer back to p.124-126. Students will be able to take the workbook home tonight & return tomorrow.

                         Read Chicago Book

                         Informational writing vocabulary assigned

                         Reading notebooks returned; late if not turned in before Thanksgiving.

    Tue. -           Do even questions for Monday's chapter

                         Read Chicago

                         Study Info Writing words

                         Dey Hrm - turn in page 131-134. Rosado & Martin classes assignmt is late if not already in

    Wed. -       (P.J. on field trip)

                        Read Chicago

                        Check answers and discuss even questions

    Thu. -         Dey, Martin, & Rosado Hrms go to Five Rivers Field Trip

                         *Students that do not go will have assignments*

                      *******Study for Vocab test tonight!**************

    Fri. -          Info Writing Vocbulary test

                      A.R. test on Chicago Book (will go in gradebook)

                      literary elements scavenger hunt in book


     Week of Nov. 13th - 17th

     *A Pdf copy of The Long Way from Chicago is on Moodle Reading. Reread at night or read what you missed. Don't get behind.* The questions for each chapter are on Moodle also.


    Mon- Do: Pg. 70 Gram. Bk

              Preview Chicago Glossary in Moodle Reading for each chapter

             Read "Chicago" book

             Answer Ch 1 questions on loose paper. Questions listed on Moodle Reading. Answer the Why & How questions. Put the correct question numbers.

             ROSADO Hrm - Coach Bk homework p.131-134 #1-4, Refer back to p.124-126. Students will be able to take the workbook home tonight & return tomorrow.


    Tue- ROSADO Hrm turn in Coach p. 131-134

             Do: Literary Elements Flashcards Study - link on Moodle Reading under Chicago heading.

             Read "Chicago" Book

             Do chapter questions on Moodle. Odds.

    Wed- Do: Elements of Literature Practice game - link on Reading Moodle

              Read "Chicago" Book

              Do chapter questions #6 - 10.

             DEY Hrm - Coach Bk homework p.131-134  #1-4, Refer back to p.124-126. Students will be able to take the workbook home tonight & return tomorrow.**This assignment will be moved to Nov. 27th. If you already did it, saved it to turn in after the break.**


    Thu-   Read "Chicago" Book

               Do chapter questions

             Study for vocabulary test (Root:Hibit and Habit words) 


    Fri-    Read "Chicago" Book                                /\__/\     Mrs. Martin misses you all!
                                                                                (=^ . ^=)   Have a great break!

              Do chapter questions

              Vocabulary test

              Turn in handwriting practice, vocabulary work

              ***EVERYONE PLEASE LEAVE READING COMPOSITION BOOK in Mrs. Martin's Class to be graded over the break.***  Stack on a counter or the table. Thanks!  

             **Make sure all work and tests are turned in. They will be late after the holiday break.** 

          2nd Qu. Midterm Progress Reports go home.


    Week of Nov. 6th


    Mon - Quizlet live review

              Vocabulary test - Necro/Corp words

              Intro video to compound/complex/simple sentences

              Intro video to A Long Way from Chicago



     Tue - Martin Hrm - Counselor session 8:00 - 8:30

               Grammar book page 69

               Nonfiction Article Response in Orange folder

               Review County Assessment

                    Great Depression Intro Notes in composition book

    Wed - Gram. bk page 70

                Nonfiction Article Response

                Start novel : A Long Way from Chicago


    Thu - Check Gram. pages 69 and 70


    Fri - No School. Veteran's Day tomorrow. 


    Week of Oct. 30th - Nov. 3rd

    Mon - Vocabulary introduced

               Handwriting assignment

               Main idea/supporting details assignment

               Finish Baltimore Rats Activity


    Tue - Coach book pages on loose paper

                  Gram. Bk page  66

    Wed - Gram. book page 67

               Informational text practice

                Coach Book Pages

                View Informational Text Video from Discovery Ed.



    Thu - Check and discuss Coach book pages

               Baltimore Rats Main idea/details assignment

               Informational Practice Test on Moodle Reading


    Fri - Big County Reading Test -Do your best!

            Vocabulary test  MOVED TO MONDAY

            Turn in all work/composition book check


     Week of Oct. 23rd - 27th

    Mon-   Don't get behind. Make sure you are doing ALL assignments.

               New vocabulary words introduced - glue on p.20

               Gram. Bk.  Read p.62 Do p.63 Follow directions EXACTLY

               Compass Reading assignment - Determining Figurative language meaning

               Informational Text notes in composition book

     Tue-  Finish "Determining Meaning" Compass assignment

               Read Baltimore Rats Article together and glue on p.22

     Wed- Purple/white Coach workbook lesson Read p.124- 128 and

              Do p.128- 134 on loose paper

              p. 64 Gram. Bk. Do on loose paper.

              Root: Stru Voc. worksheet. Complete and glue on p. 21

              Complete Connotation/Denotation worksheet


    Thu-  Write a character sketch for one of the Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM Characters

              Check Gram. bk. p. 63 & p. 64

              Practice Citing textual evidence with Baltimore Rats Article       

                Study for voc. test

    Fri- Quizlet Live practice game

           Vocabulary Test

            Practice determining Central idea and how it's conveyed

            Practice summarizing text w/o personal opinion with Baltimore Rats Article



    Week of  Oct. 16th

    Mon-  Finish nonfiction lesson from purple/white workbook on loose leaf paper

              Spelling Bee words given out - NO VOCABULARY TEST THIS WEEK

              Do nonfiction assignment on A.R. website

              Compass Reading Learning Path

              **Finish Ch 8, 10, 19 Rats Reader Responses on Moodle Reading - This is the LAST possible day to submit your answers.  If you haven't done this, your submissions are very late.**


    Tue - P. 78 Gram Bk - write on p. 15 of reading comp.bk

             Connotation Compass assignment - take notes on p. 16 of reading composition book

             Study for Spelling Bee

            * Homeroom students finish Fire Safety booklet


    Wed - Fire safety lesson with GSFD

               Spelling Bee in each reading class - winner and runner up determined each class

               Check and discuss Coach p. 74-75, 79-80

               Check Grammar p. 78


    Thu - Connotation/Denotation Practice

              Practice with nonfiction text "When East Met West"

              On p. 17 on Composition Book Complete page p.54 from Grammar book

              On p. 18 glue in Figurative Language Definitions; Write an example of each

              by the definition.


    Fri-  No Vocabulary test

            Write Text Structures notes from powerpoint

             More Connotation/Denotation practice


    Week of Oct. 9th

     * Students should read books to reach or pass their A.R. goal. Goals should be reached Friday Oct 13th.

    ** "Walk to Read" will start this week. There will be 7 Reading groups that will meet daily for 30 minutes. 


    Mon - Read Rats

              Late/Missing work is due. The quarter ends Friday. No late work will be accepted after Tuesday, Oct. 10th. 

              New vocabulary is introduced put on p. 14 Comp bk.

              Gram. bk. pg. 76 put on pg. 15 comp bk  

              Make table of contents for orange folder

              DNA nonfction article write in orange folder response

    Tue- Read Rats

              Re-read DNA nonfiction article and respond in orange folder

    Wed- Read Rats

              Take A.R. test on Rats

              Gram bk pg. _______

    Thu - Nonfiction text features notes

              Check and discuss gram bk work together


    Fri - Nonfiction lesson from purple/white work book write on loose paper

            Vocabulary test

            3rd response to DNA article in orange folder after rereading

           ** End of 1st quarter. Report cards issued Oct 20th**


    Week of Oct. 2nd

     * Students should read books to reach or pass their A.R. goal.

    Mon- Read Rats

             Finish ch 1 -14 Rats of NIMH test on Moodle Read

             New vocabulary introduced - put in comp. bk )Vert/Vers - To turn)

             3rd response to Farm Article in orange folder (if not yet completed)

             Rosado and Dey class - grade sub/pred worksheet


    Tue- Read Rats

            vocabulary worksheet

            Grammar book nouns p.74

    Wed- Read Rats

              Gram. bk p.75 1-20 in comp bk pg. 13

              Review Plot elements


    Thu- Notes on plot and literary elements in comp book

            Study vocabulary words

            Check p. 75 1-20 Grammar (Be ready)


    Fri- vocabulary test

           turn in comp notebook

     **On Friday, FunRun 11:15 Lunch 12:15

          Adjusted schedule due to the Fun Run.


    Week of Sept. 25th

    * Students should read books to reach or pass their A.R. goal.


    Mon. - Read Rats

                Complete Reader Response questions on Moodle

                Nonfiction article on farming assigned

                         Use choice board to choose response (keep in orange class folder)

                Grammar - subject/predicate worksheet

                Vocabulary words - -ogy words

    Tue. - Read Rats

                Complete Reader Response questions on Moodle

                Nonfiction article on farming assigned

                         Use choice board to choose 2nd response (keep in orange class folder)

                Grammar - pronouns practice and into video

    Wed. -  Read Rats

                 Complete Reader Response questions on Moodle

                 Pronoun assignment - Gram bk demonstrative pronouns page

                 Vocabulary assignment - Choose 6 of the words and write 6 meaningful sentences in comp. bk on this week's vocab page or on back of it.


    Thu.-   Read Rats

                Study vocabulary

                Check Grammar answers

                * Make sure that you have completed any questions on Moodle for 

                    Chapters we have read of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

    Fri. -    Read Rats

                Vert/Vers Vocabulary test

                 Nonfiction Farm article 3rd response

                 Turn in comp. books to be graded



    Week of Sept. 18, 2017

    **Students are expected to read a book of their choice 30 minutes a day.

    Mon. - Turn  is all late work

                Read Rats of NIMH

                Rats of NIHM Vocabulary introduced

                 Read nonfiction article

                Nonfiction Choice Board introduce and Reading folder introduced

                 Review Plot Elements and glue in comp.book

    Tue. - Read Rats of NIMH

                    Reader Response posted on Moodle (not at the end of the pdf chapters)

                 Subjects/predicates introduced p. 57 11-19 odd

    Wed. -  Read Rats of NIMH

                 Sub/pred. p.58 assignment from Grammar book 

                  Choose 6 vocabulary words to write meaningful sentences in comp. book

                 Use nonfiction choice board with this week's nonfiction article

                   Handwriting assignment

     Thu.-Write vocabulary words 2 times each in cursive

              Read Rats of NIMH

              Grammar assignment checked whole group

              Grammar book subj./pred. assignment

               *Study your vocabulary words

    Fri. - Vocabulary test

             Read Rats of NIMH

              Use nonfiction choice board with this week's nonfiction article

             Student led orientation with parent

             *PROGRESS REPORTS GO HOME - Return w/parent signature



    Week of Sept. 11, 2017

    **Students are expected to read a book of their choice 30 minutes a day.

    Mon - Reading Scan Tron test  - 1st Benchmark test of year

               Vocab words given - suffix ly (All words are in Rats of NIMH)

               Read ch 1 Rats of NIMH  (The chapters are on Reading Moodle)  

               Directions are on Reading Google Classroom  

    Tue - Finish/Make ups Reading Scan Tron Test

               Complete ch 1 questions on Moodle

    Wed - Math Scan Tron Test - 1st Math Benchmark test of year

              Grammar book p.143 on loose leaf

                   Write a paragraph with 6 of the vocabulary words on loose leaf. Use correct grammar.

                Directions are on Reading Google Classroom

    Thu - Finish/Make ups Math Scan Tron Test

               Theme assignment from purple workbook

              Check page 141

    Fri - -ly vocabulary test

             Turn in notebooks to be graded

                  Read Rats of NIMH 


    Week of Sept. 4, 2017

    **Students are expected to read a book of their choice 30 minutes a day.








               GRAMMAR BOOK - PRONOUNS












    Week of August 28, 2017

    **Students are expected to read a book of their choice 30 minutes a day.

    Mon- Homeroom - take Compact home review with parent, sign , and return.

            Spelling pre-test

            Read aloud: The Black Pearl

            Set up composition book

            Add parts of speech to composition book

    Tue- Read aloud: The Black Pearl

            Read Non-fiction article about how Pearls are made

    Wed- Read aloud - The Black Pearl

             Research the city of La Paz. Submit 3 facts about the city on Google Classroom

             Add Grammar Cheat Sheet to Comp. book if you didn't yesterday

             Syllabus sent home to parents. Return signature page.

            Grammar book read p. 50 & 51 together. Do page 52 in Comp. Book


    Thu- Check p. 52 Types of sentences, Grammar Book

            Read The Black Pearl

            Complete first "How Well do I Read?" assessment on a fiction passage


    Fri- Complete second "How Well do I Read?" assessment on a nonfiction passage

          Read the Black Pearl



    Week of August 21, 2017 

    Mon- Rosado/Dey/Martin classes aren't changing classes today due to Solar Eclipse lessons. Homeroom students: introductions, Read Compact, take home and read with parents and return signed. Rules and Homeroom Procedures Discussed.

    Tue- Rules and procedures, Community Building activities

    Wed- Class Procedures, Community Building activities, Reading Interest Survey

    Thu- Winning Like a Lotto Leader in Me song

              Kid President character video

              Start The Black Pearl read aloud

             Get composition book set up

    Fri- Continue The Black Pearl

           Introduction to Quizlet Vocabulary website and Quizlet Live review game.





    Week of May 22, 2017

    Mon - 

    • Read The Westing Game
    • Document clues in notebook and on interactive bulletin board
    • Discuss clues
    • Check answers from Friday’s test

    Tue -

    • Awards Ceremony
    • Walk to the park
    • Questions on The Westing Game chapters 22-25
    • Finish The Westing Game


    • Watch the movie based on The Westing Game
    • Choose a character and make a “Wordle” with adjectives relating to the character


    • Finish The Westing Game Movie

      Compare/contrast the book to the movie

      Read a play on POWs in Vietnam War     

      Quizlet vocabulary review game on Literary Elements              

    LaSt DaY oF ScHoOl! Have A Great Summer! GoOd LuCk NeXt YeAr!


    Week of May 15, 2017

    Mon- Read Westing Game

            Graded work returned

           A.R. Goal makers announced

    Tue - Read Westing Game

            Answer questions for ch 11 - 13

            A.R. OOU and outside lunch and extra recess

    Wed - GSMS Tour - No band and P.E. switched to 10:30

             Read Westing Game

               Answer questions from the book and apply parts of speech


    Thu - Read Westing Game

             Tween Tribune Assignment

    Fri- Read Westing Game

          Midway of book test




    Week of May 8th 2017

    Students should read a library book 30 minutes a night in addition to during school.

    Monday - Read the Westing Game

                   Vocab. introduced

                  Document clues in notebook

    Tuesday - Read the Westing Game

                   Answer chapter 1- 5 questions on paper

                   Document clues in notebook

    Wednesday - Read the Westing Game

                       Reading Compass assignment

                       Tween Tribune article - quiz and 3 nonfiction responses

    Thursday - 

                      Continue reading novel

                      check answers to chapter 1-5 questions

                      finish Tween Tribune assignment

                      Study vocabulary

    Friday - Lunch with Leaders - parents may come to eat lunch with student while students share their

                Leader in Me binder. Sack lunches today, bring a beach towel or blanket for the picnic

               Vocabulary test

               Turn in all work

    Week of May 1st 2017

    Students should read a library book 30 minutes a night in addition to during school.


     Monday            Introduction to mysteries on Discovery Ed.

                             Notes in reading comp. book; additional notes can be read on Reading Moodle

                             Vocabulary introduced

                              Characters introduced on Westing Game Blog


    Tuesday           Graduation Walk - GSHS Seniors are cheered

                            Kindergarten Career Walk Kindergarteners dressed in a career are cheered on.

                                       ** Alternate schedule due to Career Showcase**

                                   High school students will present career possibilites at 8 stations   12:00 - 1:00

                           Group Time Rotation day - small group reading lesson, Compass assignment, vocabulary practice on quizlet, 

                         Set up notebook for The Westing Game Novel's notes on each character and other information

                            Write vocabulary words 3 times each in cursive


     Wednesday       ReMax Hot Air Balloon demonstration

                            Final Reading Scan Tron Test (DO YOUR BEST!)

                            Vocabulary work

                             Read library book

                             Starting The Westing Game novel together in class

                             Tween Tribune assignment - read the article, take the quiz, pick 3 nonfiction responses & complete on paper

    Thursday           -Close read article on the Stock Market

                            and answer the questions on loose-leaf paper 

                             -Complete-  review of plot elements worksheet on short story, "Breakaway"

                             -Read “History Mystery” and answer the questions

                         *Study vocabulary for test

                          *Read library book


    Friday          Vocabulary test

                       Turn in all work

                        Field Day



    Interesting fact: Until about age 25, the brain is still growing.

    How does the nicotine in e-cigarettes affect the brain? Until about age 25, the brain is still growing. Each time a new memory is created or a new skill is learned, stronger connections—or synapses—are built between brain cells. Young people’s brains build synapses faster than adult brains. Because addiction is a form of learning, adolescents can get addicted more easily than adults. Nicotine also changes the way synapses are formed, which can harm the parts of the brain that control attention and learning.


    WEEK OF APRIL 24th - 28th, 2017

    Monday-     Where's Brian Projects presented and screen shots of project should be submitted on Moodle Reading Forum

                     Finalize Homework Plan Essay (Due tomorrow)

    Tuesday-    Submit Homework Plan Essay on Moodle Language

                    Where's Brian Projects continued being presented by students


    Wednesday - Gulf Quest Museum field trip (Don't forget your lunch)

                            Students use a scavenger hunt to tour the museum. Turn in completed scavenger hunt form when returned to school.


    Thursday - Rotation Group Time:

                         Small group instruction w/teacher, Reading Compass assignment: Suffix ly lesson and quiz, Tween Tribune assignment: "Can Color Be a Hidden Persuader" - read the article, complete the online quiz, choose 3 nonfiction responses to complete on paper.


    Friday -  Reading Story with comprehension questions: 

    • p.567-577 Read Reading Street text- biography on Cesar Chavez, “Harvesting Hope. – whole group.
    • Closing our unit on argument/persuasive works – Analyze how Chavez changed the lives of so many.
    • Complete Reader’s Response, p. 578 individually #1-4 and the “Look Back and Write Activity.  P.579 “Write Now” activity - individually



    GSMS Meeting April 18th, 5:30 about Pre-A.P. in GSMS Cafeteria


    Week of April 17th - 21st


    Mon - Write Argumentative vocabulary words in cursive 3 times each

               Argumentative Writing video notes

              Analyse sample argumentative essays 

              Determine the Claim,Reasons, & Evidence in sample essays

                 (use colored pencils to show each)


    Tue - Start writing argumentative essay posted on Google Classroom

                              *researching topic for valid evidence to support your reasons

                              *Use graphic organizer to plan your essay

                              *write the body of your essay

                               * See Language Moodle for what to include in the 5 paragraph essay

                  Complete Pro/Con worksheet 

    Wed - Write the introduction and conclusion of your essay

               Make sure to have correct grammar and transition words and/or phrases 

              When complete: SUBMIT final essay on Google Classroom assignment by clicking "open", upload document, & turn in document

                Study Argumentative vocabulary words for tomorrow's TEST**

    Thu -    Work with partner on "Where's Brian" project: finalizing map, typing paragraphs and getting pictures, Create your claim sentence for your argument of where you believe he crashed.


    Fri - Finish your "Where's Brian" project share final Google document with teacher following directions on Moodle Reading and

           Submit it as a discussion on Moodle Reading Hatchet Forum with screen shots of your project to display for other students to see (Directions are on Moodle Reading in Hatchet section.) Submit your first screen shot as the discussion and easy other screenshots as replies to your discussion.  It will take more than one screen shot to include your whole project.

    Turn in pro/con paper and Color coded sample argumentative essay

    4th quarter mid-term progress reports go home today. return signed.




    Week of April 10th, 2017

    **ACT Aspire Testing Monday & Tuesday

    Mon - Review Reflective Narrative writing requirements

              1:00 is the Writing ACT Aspire Test


    Tue - Review Reading Comprehension skills used to read Science articles

              Coach Book lesson - whole group

              1:00 is the Science ACT Aspire Test


    Wed - Where's Brian project on Moodle with partner

               Use argument writing techniques to prove where Brian crashed


    Thu - Where's Brian project on Moodle with partner

               Use argument writing techniques to prove where Brian crashed

    ** You will only have 3 class sessions to finish this project

    Fri - Good Friday - No School




     Week of April 3rd, 2017

    **ACT Aspire Tesing Tues. - Fri.** Be here well rested and fed and ready to give your best every day!



    Tues - Preview how to log onto testing site and tips for taking the test online


               Review Reading Standards (Last chance!)


    Wed - ACT Aspire Reading test

               Review for Math Act Aspire

              *!*! P.E. at 1:20 Tuesday - Friday this week *!*!

    Class pictures have come in. They are $10. 

    Thu - ACT Aspire Math test

              Review Reading Comprehension 

              Review Writing test requirements


    Fri - ACT Aspire Science test

            ACT Aspire Writing Test

            Preview Argumentative strategies for writing



    Week of March 20, 2017

    ** All students should be reading on their level 30 minutes a day. This is week 2 of quarter.**

    Mon - 

    • Vocab Words given 
    • Comparing Author’s Point of view on Compass Learning. Review due to low scoring on Scan Tron.
    • Read 
      • Comparing Rights and Responsibilities articles
      From the articles, identify information, answer questions, apply vocabulary, examine text structure - DUE TUESDAY


    Tue -   


    •        Check understanding of the Rights and Responsibilities articles
      • Read the Newsela article, "Astronomers Uncover 7 Warm, Rocky, Earth-like Planets 39 Light-years Away"
               On 800L and take the quiz on 800L. Do the writing assignment by clicking the pencil icon to the right and typing your answer with proper grammar.
    •          Read Library book
      • Homewk-Write a paragraph summarizing “Rights & Responsibilities” articles


    Wed - 

    • Narrative #3 timed practice. Students given prompt & can use their notes on transition words, dialogue, and description. Must be turned in to Google classroom when time is up.
    • Interpreting Charts and Graphs practice Compass assignment.



    Thu - 

    • Write meaningful sentences with 10 vocabulary words
    • Review Literary elements - worksheets
    • Discovery Ed. video on figurative language


    Fri - Vocabulary test

                Check Literary Elements work

              Make sure ALL work is completed & turned in. Only absent students will be allowed to turn in late after Spring Break!



    Week of March 13, 2017

    **New quarter A.R. Goals start over. Read 30 minutes a day at least.**

    Mon - Complete Compass assignment, "Determining Connotations." - Finish before Wednesday

               Vocab. words given

               Review and check nonfiction/fiction Sport passages answers

                NEWSELA assignment - Daylight Savings Time - Read the article. Take quiz on 820L. Do writing assignment on the site by clicking the pencil icon. 


    Tue - Connotation worksheet - Due Wednesday

               Review Argumentative passages requirements and characteristics - (Claim, Reasons, Evidence, strategies used to persuade) and student samples


    Wed - Write meaningful sentences with 10 vocabulary words on loose paper - Due Thursday

               County Scan Tron Test  (This test is similar to ACT Aspire)

                Read library book (A.R. goals have been set for 4th quarter)



    Thu - Coach Book P.138- Continuing nonfiction/fiction compare and contrast of features

             See results from 1st narrative peer grading

              3rd narrative timed practice -  (postponed until next week)

               Review most missed and most correct on Scan Tron Test


     Fri - Vocab. Test

               "Rights/Responsibilities" passage practice annotating, close reading skills

            ** 3rd Qu. Report Cards go home. Return envelope signed



     **3rd quarter ends March 10th. Report Cards go home March 17th. No late work will be accepted after, Wednesday, March 8th**

    Week of March 6, 2017


    Mon. - Read the article on NEWSELA, WW II Part One: Origins of War, closely on 850L and take the the quiz. Review through the article while taking the quiz so you can answer to your best ability.  ALSO, do the writing assignment by clicking on the pencil/write under the Lexile levels. Answer in COMPLETE SENTENCES.

                Vocabulary Words given - Write the words 3 times each

               Complete Compass Assignment, Author's Purpose, today.


    Tue. - Students grade two other student's narrative on Moodle Reading. - (Martin & Rosado; Dey will do Monday or Wednesday) 


    Wed. - Narrative writng practice #2 -Students will be given a prompt and have 40 minutes to complete and share with mmartin1@bcbe.org on Google Drive. 

                Write meaningful sentences with 10 vocabulary words on loose-leaf paper.

               **Last day to turn in late work. No exceptions. The quarter ends Friday.


    Thu. - Write vocab.words 3 times each in cursive (10 words) on loose-leaf paper.

                Read fiction & nonfiction passages on the same subject (Training for a sport) Complete the questions and writing assignment for the passages.


     Fri. - Quizlet vocabulary game review

             Vocabulary test

              Reading assignment: Compare and contrast one author's presentation events with that of another in your reading packet.

              Coach book p.136 - 138 Comparisions of nonfiction and fiction


              Turn in all of THIS week's work.



    Week of March 1st, 2017

    Mon. - No school

    Tue. - No school 

    Wed. - 5 Essential Narrative writing tips written in Comp. Bk.

                Read an article on Tweentribune on a true story of a boy getting lost in the wilderness. Compare and contrast the article & Hatchet. Link is on Reading Moodle under Hatcher Heading.

                 Read fiction and nonfiction articles on the same topic and compare and contrast. Answer comprehension questions.

                Any students that have not submitted their narrative called "First Narrative" about a good memory where you didn't spend much money, needs to submit on Moodle Reading.

                All 3 "Hatchet assignments were due Friday, Feb. 24th unless student has been absent or P.J. class. Theirs are due March 3rd.

    Thu. - Hatchet comprehension test on Moodle Reading

                Read skunk article and Feral cat story and complete the 10 questions from the handout on your OWN paper. Turn into reading basket.


    Fri. - A.R. Read-a-thon today! Reading fiction/nonfiction picture and chapter books and taking A.R. tests to help break the record for the most A.R. test taken in one day.

    **Make sure ALL work is turned in today. Quarter ends next week. Time is running out.




    Week of Feb. 20 - Feb. 24, 2017

    **Students should always have an A.R. book to read even though the class may read a different one in class. 70% of A.R. goal by Friday.


    MON - 3rd Reminder: If you didn't do it last week:

                                    Pick one of the poems that you made in the Poetry Unit

                                    Paste it into a separate document

                                   Choose an interesting font and color

                                  Find a picture to add also. Picture should be less than 1/4 of the page.

                                  Name the document: yourlastname.poetrywall  

               Read Hatchet. You should be getting to the end.

                                        Log pages read on calendar.

                                        Write summary of chapter and the secret on chart.

                                        List Quotes that give clues to where Brian is stranded.

             Narrative Study: Paste Intro/Conclusion tips in Composition book.

                                        Put quotation practice page in Yellow Language Basket

             Practice narrative writing.

             Vocabulary Words given for the week.

             Nonfiction assignment: Read on Newslea the article :Primary Sources: Thoreau's Walden Pond, Why he Went into the Woods. Take the 750l level quiz. Do 3 nonfiction responses on paper. Due- Friday.

    **Dey's class - Speakers from the High School Soc. Studies Class Presentation


    Tue- Hatchet read and work 

                 Practice with narratives - view more samples 

              Handwriting practice sheet

              Transition word practice page


    Wed- Hatchet read and work 

              40 minute timed Narrative Writing Assignment (Do your best like it's the ACT Aspire) Submit on Moodle Reading


    Thu- Hatchet read and work 

              Finish timed Practice with narrative writing 

              Nonfiction assignment: Read on Newslea the article :Primary Sources: Thoreau's Walden Pond, Why he Went into the Woods. Take the 750l level quiz. Do 3 nonfiction responses on paper.


    Fri- Hatchet A.R. Test  (paper/pencil comprehension test Wed. March 1st)

          Vocabulary Test

          Turn in all work: 3 Hatchet pages, handwriting page, quotation page, transition page, nonfiction responses for Newsela article.


    Scale for Scan Tron  

    Go down to 6th grade. Then across to Winter to find where your Winter Benchmark score ranks. This test is just a guide  for you to see how you are ready for the ACT Aspire. We'll  help you focus on the standards you need to study to improve.


    WEEK OF FEB. 13, 2017

    **Students should always have an A.R. book to read even though the class may read a different one in class. 60% of A.R. goal by Friday.


    Mon -

    If you didn't do it last week, pick one of the poems that you made and paste it into a separate document. Choose an interesting font and color. Find a picture to add also. Picture should be less than 1/4 of the page.

    Vocab words - Hatchet chap. 

     Read Canada Article on Newsela. Follow directions on Moodle Reading for link & directions.

     Read Hatchet and log pages on your Hatchet calendar.

     As you read Hatchet, list info for each chapter on chart received today.

     As you read Hatchet, list clues to where Brian is stranded on another chart received today.

    Tue - 

    Read Hatchet; log pages  

    Hatchet Quotes & Clues Students summarize events of each chapter and what Brian remembers of the secret. 

    Narrative lesson- outline/beginning and rubric

    Wed - 

    Read Hatchet

    Hatchet Quotes & Clues

    Students summarize events of each chapter and what Brian remembers of the secret.

    Narratives lesson – how to start - Exposition

    Thu - 

    • Read Hatchet
    • Hatchet Quotes & Clues
    • Students summarize events of each chapter and what Brian remembers of the secret.

        *  Narrative lesson – planning the events of the plot

    Fri - 

    • Vocabulary Test - Hatchet ch Words:
    • Read Hatchet
    • Hatchet Quotes & Clues
    • Students summarize events of each chapter and what Brian remembers of the secret.

        * Narratives lesson – Conclusion/Resolution tips



              ** All students should be reading a book individually daily. You should have 50% of you goal!**

    WEEK of Feb. 6, 2017












              TURN IN ALL WORK





    ** All students should be reading a book individually daily. A.R. goals have been set.**

    Week of Jan. 30, 2017

    Mon. - Poetry week 2 vocab. list (test Friday)

              Work on interactive poetry unit on Reading Moodle – structure of poems, create own poems, info on some famous poets. Responses should be on a Google Document.

                Students check answers from Coach book p. 19-25

    Tue. -  Work on interactive poetry unit on Reading Moodle – structure of poems, create own poems, info on some famous poets. Continue responses on your Google Document. Title your document yourlastname.poetryunit


    Wed. - Turn in your Poetry Unit document by sharing it with me on Google Drive.

                Define ballads, epics, and odes add examples to Notebook, read and discuss characteristics of each kind

                Use venn diagram, compare/contrast the kinds of poetry and the content MLK poems (see MLK Poems Handout)

                Homewk pg - Assonance/Rhyme Scheme


    Thu. - Close reading of passages, compare and contrast author point of view - whole group. Study for Poetry list 2 vocabulary test

              Study for Poetry test


    Fri. -  Poetry List 2 Vocabulary Test

             Turn in homework

             Poetry Test



     Week of Jan. 23, 2017

    ** All students should be reading a book individually daily. A.R. goals have been set.**

    Mon. -  Finish Year Down Yonder Book

                Take A.R. test for YDY

                Poetry Vocab. Words given - test Friday

              Draw an example of figurative language showing how it would look literally. Use a quote from the YDY book or another example. Drawings will be posted in the hall.

    Tue. - Intro to poetry unit

             figurative language and plot notes pasted into notebook

    Wed. - Poetry work from purple/white Coach workbook pages 16-25. Do on looseleaf paper

               No computers used today

               homework - poetry worksheet on rhyme/meter stressed & unstressed syllables


    Thu. - Study Poetry list 1 vocabulary words for tomorrow's test (some fill in the blank questions)

              Introduction of Poetry Moodle assignments creating your own poems following guidelines on Moodle. Title assignments clearly. Follow directions closely.


    Fri. - Poetry List 1 vocab. test

           Continue to work on Poetry Moodle Unit (structure of poems, create your own poems, info on famous poets)

            Turn in all work for the week


    Week of Jan. 16, 2017

    ** All students should be reading a book individually daily. A.R. goals have been set.

    Mon. - MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY  - no school

    Tue. - Finish Away in Manger Chapter

              YDY Vocab. list week 2 given - test is Friday

               Handwriting practice assigned

              Start planning an original narrative using the YDY vocab words for this week. Include Grandma Dowdel as a character in your story. 15 sentences or 3 paragraphs. Follow plot sequence having a conflict, climax, and resolution

    Wed. - Read YDY

               Complete Comprehension questions for "Away in Manger" & "Hearts & Flour"

              Homework: *Create an original short story, (2-3 paragraphs), about Grandma Dowdel with the vocab. words.*

    Thu. - Study YDY vocab. week 2 words for test

              Read YDY

             Identify figurative language type in quotes from the book

    Fri. - YDY vocab. wk 2 test

             Read YDY

             Take A.R. test for YDY (this will go in grade book)

             Turn in all work: handwriting, chapter questions, fig. language answers for quotes, 1 page story

    While reading




    Week of Jan. 9, 2017

    Mon- Complete Ch. 1 "Rich Chicago Girl" questions in notebook

              "Yonder" Vocab. words for Friday's test given

               Coach book Lesson 3 p.28 reviewed

               Preview ch 2 terms

              Start ch 2 "Vittles & Ven."

    Tue - Read ch 2 "Vittles & Ven."

              ch. 2 questions


    Wed - Analyze plot of ch 2

              Read ch 3 "Minute in Morning"

                   Sentences with vocab words on loose paper

    Thu - Ch 3 Questions

              Read ch 4 "Away in the Manger"

             Quizlet Live Vocab practice 

              Study for "Yonder" Vocab. Test

                  Intro to celebrities of Old Radio Shows 

    Fri - "Yonder Words Vocabulary Test

              Ch 4 Read Away in the Manger Continued

              Turn in nonfiction article & Sentences and ch 2 questions



    WEEK of JAN. 2nd, 2017


    Mon - no school

    Tue - Teacher work day


    Wed -  Class rules & Procedures reviewed

              Informational Essays reviewed

              File graded papers

             Straighten and clean up bookbag, desk, cubby (in your homeroom)

                *Make sure to have school supplies daily:

                  -Pencils, Loose Paper, a Folder & Composition book for Reading Class, Headphones

              "Ponder" New Year Resolutions

     Thu - Intro to novel : A Year Down Yonder

              Intro to Chapter 1 Vocabulary

               Read Chapter 1

               Create vocabulary Glossary for the book - each student submits one word

               with definition, meaningful sentence, and picture 

    Fri - Answer questions for chapter 1

            Intro to vocabulary for chapter 2


          *Report Cards go home*  

    post it            



    Week of Dec. 12th 

                    .\/.          |______|
                  _\_}{_/_       _|_Ll___|_
                   / }{ \       [__________]          .\/.
                    '/\'        /          \        _\_\/_/_
                               ()  o  o    ()        / /\ \
                                \ ~~~   .  /          '/\'
                           _\/   \ '...'  /    \/_
                            \\   {`------'}    //
                             \\  /`---/',`\\  //
                              \/'  o  | |\ \`//
                              /'      | | \/ /\
                 __,. -- ~~ ~|    o   `\|      |~ ~~ -- . __
                             |                 |
                             \    o            /
                              `._           _.'http://snowflakes.barkleyus.com 
                                 ^~- . -  ~^ 


    As usual, students are expected to read daily. Students should reach their goal by 12/16th, the end of the quarter.

    Mon-     Read House without a Christmas Tree

                 Handwriting assignment

             *!*! -TURN IN LATE WORK- You are running out of time if you owe work. Please check iNow or speak with your teachers. Many students have low grades. Do you? *!*!

                *Juggling show for chocolate sellers


    Tue-     Read "House"

               Complete  House character assignment

               Literary elements assignment


     Wed-        Dey Hrm students turn in Nonfiction article, Christmas Tree Responses

                     Complete "House" vocabulary assignment

                     Finish reading The House without a Christmas Tree novel


    Thu-      Watch Movie for the "House" novel and compare/contrast the two

                 Christmas program for whole school (1 hour)

                **Last possible day to turn in ANY work, essays, or take any tests

                 for 2nd quarter. NO EXCEPTIONS. Report cards will be calculated over the Holiday break.**  


    Fri-    Last day to take A.R. tests this quarter

              Students will stay in homeroom today

              Community building and Health lessons today

              Dismissal 12:30

              3rd quarter starts in January. 

              2nd quarter report cards distributed Jan. 7th

                                   \ ' /
                                 -- (*) --
               \*/          >0>>*<<@<>0><<*<@<<
           ___\\U//___     >*>>@><0<<*>>@><*<0<<
           |\\ | | \\|    >@>>0<*<0>>@<<0<<<*<@<<  
           | \\| | _(UU)_ >((*))_>0><*<0><@<<<0<*<
           |\ \| || / //||.*.*.*.|>>@<<*<<@>><0<<<
           |\\_|_|&&_// ||*.*.*.*|_\\db//_               
           """"|'.'.'.|~~|.*.*.*|     ____|_
               |'.'.'.|   ^^^^^^|____|>>>>>>|
               ~~~~~~~~         '""""`------'



    Week of Dec. 5th 

    Mon-  Submit Info Article Essay to Reading Moodle (this was due Dec. 2nd)

              Finish Chicago novel

              Take A.R. test on Long Way from Chicago

              Hwk: Complete vocabulary crossword/sentences on Root: nounce,nunci

              Hwk: Root: Phil words assigned for test on Friday


    Tue-  Review Vocabulary for "The House Without a Christmas Tree" Book

              Read nonfiction on Christmas Trees

               Hwk: Choose 3 responses from choice board for Christmas tree article


    Wed-  Hwk: WRITE SENTENCES WITH Root:Phil words

              Start reading The House Without a Christmas Tree

              Review plot elements and figurative language


    Thu-   Quizlet practice with Root: Phil words

             Read: The House Without a Christmas Tree

              Hwk: Study Root: Phil Words

    Fri-   Read: The House Without a Christmas Tree

            Root: Phil vocab test

            Turn in all work

    ****THE QUARTER ENDS NEXT FRIDAY - GET ALL WORK COMPLETED AND TURNED IN. No work will be accepted after the holiday break for 2nd quarter.


     Week of Nov. 28th

    As usual, students are expected to read daily to work toward their A.R. Goal.

    Mon. - Transitional words and phrases lesson and

                  apply them to your informaltional article

               Take A.R. tests for books read over break

               New vocabulary words assigned

               Work on Info. Article Essay

    Tue. - Finish up Info. Article Essay and upload to Moodle Reading

              Read "Chicago" novel and answer questions from Reading Moodle

              Write sentences with vocab.words

              Complete transitional words and phrases practice

              Counselor, Mrs. Knight lesson

    ** FIELD TRIP tomorrow. May wear "Friday" Shirt. Bring jacket and

                          lunch/snack/drinks (if not getting from cafeteria)

    Wed. - Field Trip to Five Rivers - All day

    follow directions on field trip form

    Thu. - Finish A Long Way from Chicago

              Take Chicago A.R. test

              Study Root: nounce words

              Complete crossword & activites for Root: nounce words

    more to be announced

    Fri. - Upload Info Article Essay to Reading Moodle if you haven't

             Quizlet vocabulary play for Root nounce words

             **No test on vocab words today**

            Turn in work for the week



    Week of Nov. 14, 2016

    As usual, students are expected to read daily to work toward their A.R. Goal.


    Mon. - Informative Writing Words for Vocabulary this week

               Students choose article for their own informative essay

               Research lesson and notes

               Read Chicago

               Answer Chapter questions from Reading Moodle

    Tue. - Research for essay

              Introduction sentence lesson and notes

              Read Chicago

               Answer Chapter questions from Moodle

               Write sentences in Comp. Bk. for vocab. words

    Wed. - Text Structure review

               Transition lesson and practice

               work on informative essay

    Thu.- Work on informative essay

             Read Chicago

              Answer Moodle Reading Questions

              Quizlet live vocab practice

              Turn in Reading Composition Book (stack on counter)

             Whole class will go to the library!

    Fri. - Informative Words Vocab test (18 words)

            Writing a conclusion lesson

             Read Chicago


    READ A library book over the 9 day break. You will be expected to take a test 

     when we return.




    Week of Nov. 7, 2016

    As usual, students are expected to read daily to work toward their A.R. Goal. If you don't have 33%, you are behind.


    Mon- Review analyzing text across genres Coach Bk p. 136- 141

              Martin/Dey Classes take ScanTron Formative Assessment 

               Voc words gram/graph assigned

                Handwriting assigned

    **Fire Dept. "Walk About" Fire Safety Health Lesson - Wipe out students won't view Firetruck

    Tue- Christmas/Make up Pictures

             Rosado Class take ScanTron Formative Assessment

             Martin/Dey - Read in Chicago Complete questions

    Wed-P.J. field trip in p.m.

            Hmwk - write sentences with voc. words include a prepositional phrase.

            Read Chicago and complete questions

    Thu- Wear red, white, & blue

             Veteran's Day program

            Gram/graph voc. test

            Read in Chicago book

            Turn in all work


    Fri- NO SCHOOL _ VETERANS' DAY - Thank a veteran


    Week of Oct. 31, 2016        (Chicago = A Long Way from Chicago Novel)

    As usual, students are expected to read daily to work toward their A.R. Goal

    MON - Carn/Corp Vocabulary words 

               Reading test on www.easycbm.com

              Finish chapter 2 of "Chicago"

    TUE- Write vocab. words 3 times each AND write a sentence for each

            including a prepositional phrase (yes, again. :-) )

            Answer ch 1 & 2 Chicago questions from Reading Moodle on

            loose paper.


    WED- Handwriting practice assignment

               Read ch. 3 Chicago

              Finish answering chapter questions

              Read Milk nonfiction article w/buddy and complete

              a response from choice board together


    THU- Read Milk article again and complete a choice board response

             on your own

             Answer ch 3 questions

              Read chapter 4

              Study vocab words


    FRI- Quizlet live vocabulary practice

             Carn/Corp vocabulary test

             Discuss answers to chapter questions

            ** Turn in all work


    Week of Oct. 24, 2016

    Do you have a plan to make your reading goal? READ your library book daily! It's in the Compact.

    MON- Intro to the Great Depression Movie Notes

              N.F. article work

             Voc. Words: Root: Rota/Vol

                Vocab worksheet

    TUE- Reading test to determine Goals. Do your best! Previous Scan - Tron test results will also be considered.

            Everyone improving will receive a bonus.

            Preview terms for first chapter of the book.

            Great Depression Movie notes continued and discussion

              Handwriting practice

    WED- Write a meaningful sentence w/each vocabulary word including a prepositional phrase

              Show Moodle glossary and other resources on Moodle for the novel

             Read chapter 1

              Topic for one page informational article determined that each student will write.

    **P.J. read chapter 1 at 2:15

    THU- I have/Who has review game with vocabulary words

            N.F. article work and online quiz

            Analyse the plot for chapter 1

            Preview significant terms in chapter 2

           Read chapter 2


    FRI- Quizlet review game

           Root: Rota/Vol test

           Analyse the plot for chapter 2    

         Turn in all work:vocabsheet/cursive, nonfiction response

          from online article "Crisis and Conflict" 



    Week of Oct. 17th, 2016

    Mon - Persuasive review p.82-84  Coach book

              Text Structure practice

            Vocabulary words this week: Root : Ject

    **nonfiction article assignment will be in class activity - not hmwk


            More Text Structure practice

             p. 85-87 Coach Book

             Analyse persuasive letter for text structure

               And persuasive techniques

    Wed- vocab worksheet

              Read, analyse, and discuss nonfiction article

              with a partner

     Thu - I have /who has vocabulary activity

              Identify parts of arguementative article

    Fri- quizlet review game

          Root: Ject vocab test

         Check and discuss p.85-87 



    Week of Oct 10th, 2016

    READ library book daily. All make up or late work due Wednesday, Oct. 12th. No exceptions.


    Mon- Root: Chron Words

             Nonfiction article - Complete and activity

            Notes on text features and structures

            Activity to practice with text

    Tue - Read D.A.R. article from Moodle Reading Link

             Discuss text structure and text features


    Wed- compare/contrast story and article on Marian Anderson

             Venn Diagram and 4 questions on loose-leaf paper


    Thu-Non fiction article homework

           persuasive/argument article activities and notes

          in comp.bk.

          Text structure actitivites and notes in comp. bk.


    Fri- Vocabulary test on Root: Chron/Temp words

          Nonfiction article 3 activities due 

          Nonfiction/informational text test practice

    **LAST DAY TO TAKE A.R. Tests for Quarter 1** No Exceptions


    Week of Oct. 3rd

    ** READ library book daily. Students should have 60% of A.R. goal. 

    It may be time to get busy reading.    (NF = nonfiction)

    Mon - New vocabulary words Root Jud

              Finish all Frisby assignments ( they should've been completed last week)

              Lesson on reading nonfiction compare and contrast

    Tue - Write sentences with each vocab. word in comp book

             Lesson and notes on nonfiction

    Wed- Lesson in purple/white Coach Book on Argumentative writing

             Write vocabulary words 3 times each and turn in

             Reading Compass Assignment

             Study vocab words - TEST TOMORROW

    Thu    Vocabulary Test TODAY (Every Thurs. Now)

              Check answers and discuss for Argumentative writing

    Fri- Lunch time 10:30

          Boosterthon Run today 11:45 - 12:45

          Class times adjusted due to the Fun Run

          Nonfiction reading and notes, questions


    Week of Sept. 26th   

    ** READ library book daily. Students should have 50% of A.R. goal. 

    It may be time to get busy reading.    (NF = nonfiction)

    Mon - (Boosterthon pep rally at 2:00)

             Read Frisby

             Root: Star/Stell vocabulary words assigned

             N.F. Article on tech free living assigned homewk

             Reader Response on Moodle for each chapter

    Tue - Finish Frisby

             Take A.R. test on the novel

             Reader Response

             N.F. Article homewk

    Wed- Plot interactive lesson

             Make notes in comp. bk. on plot

             Pixar shorts - determine plot

             Handout on vocab. words

    Thu   Determine themes in Frisby book

             Theme assignment in Coach workbook

             N.F. Homewk assignment


    • Jigsaw re-read Frisby with the purpose of identifying theme, document explicit evidence or inferential evidence (page, paragraph #)

    Fri     Continue Theme assignment in Coach workbk

              Share N.F. Article choices whole group

             STAR/STELL Vocabulary test


    Week of Sept. 19th

    ** READ library book daily. Students should have 40% of A.R. goal. 

    It may be time to get busy reading.    (NF = nonfiction)

    Mon - Read Frisby

              new vocab words assigned

              new NF article assigned choice assignmt

              Compass assignment on Theme and Close Reading needs

              to be completed this week.

    Tues - Read Frisby

               NF article choice assignment

               Lesson on Theme

    Wed - Read Frisby

              Write a sentence with each vocab word

              practice vocab with quizlet live

              plot lesson

    Thu - Read Frisby

              Reader Response on Moodle

               Vocab test tomorrow

                NF article homewrok

    Fri - Read Frisby

            vocab test

            discuss nf article and turn in all work


    Week of Sept. 11th

    ** READ library book daily. Students should have 40% of A.R. goal. 

    It may be time to get busy reading.

    Mon. - new vocabulary words given (Root words: spic,spec)

             New non-fiction HOMEWORK assignment given

             Read Frisby

             Notes about plot 

    Tue. - Discuss responses on non-ficiton homework 

             Read Frisby

             Answer comp. questions

             write sentences with vocab. words

    Wed.- Read Frisby 

             Compass assignment on Theme

             vocab worksheet

            Quizlet live vocab practice game

    Thu.- Read Frisby

             Discuss answers to comprehension questions

             Nonfiction homework 

            VOCAB. TEST  and Frisby test TOMORROW

    Fri. - Vocab. Test

            Test on Frisby novel up to this point

            Read Frisby

           TURN IN ALL WORK: vocab work, nonfction work


    Week of Sept. 5th

    Mon. Labor Day - no school

    Tues. Read Frisby Ch #

             reader response questions

             Intro to nonfiction homewk packet

    Wed. Ch 1 - 10 Vocabulary test

            Read about Theme and complete on activities on Theme in comp. bk.

            nonfiction homewk assignment

    Thu. Read Frisby ch #

           readers response questions

            Check Theme activities answers

    Fri. Read Frisby ch #

          plot notes in comp book

          New vocab words assigned


    Week of Aug. 28th


    • Demonstrate close reading while monitoring comprehension with nonfiction passage about mice
    • Add close read strategies to comp. bk.
    • Read Frisby chp1-2 utilizing thinking tracks
    • Make anchor of thinking tracks after students share
    • WG Vocab Word Study: TBD

    Tue - 

    • Introduction to Literary Elements in comp. book
    • Read Frisby chp3-4 
    • Make anchor of thinking tracks after students share
    • WG Vocab Word Study: ch 1 - 10 words


    • LE: Theme (moved to Sept. 6th . Students take ScanTron Reading Begin of year test)
    • Demonstrate determining what the text says explicitly or by inferring (p6 CCLB)
    • Read Frisby chp5-6 with the purpose of identifying theme, leave thinking tracks to note explicit evidence or inferential (page, paragraph #)

    WG elicit theme ideas collecting thinking tracks to support, add to display chart 


    • Set up t-chart in rdg NB for recording evidence of theme (explicit evidence, inference and evidence)
    • Read Frisby chp7-8 record explicit or inferential evidence of theme(s) previously identified in rdg NB
    • Turn and talk sharing

    t-chart evidence in SGs


    • Read Frisby chp 9-10
    • Students continue tracking evidence of theme, explicit or inferential
    • WG discussion to share evidence of theme, adding thinking tracks to original collection
    • FA: students read passage from Coach materials noting explicit/inferential evidence to support identified theme (moved to Sept 7th)


    Week of Aug 22nd

    Introduction of rules, procedures, and get to know you activities. Review of conflicts of plots and flashback.

    Week of May 23rd

    Mon- The Westing Game Test

               Get a Clue Movie based on the book

            School talent show 1:00

    Tue - **Awards and Promotion Ceremony in Gulf Shores Middle School Gym 

                 starts 10:00 sharp. Brief reception 11:00 elementary school gym.

    Students should dress nicely and bring change of clothes (don't forget shoes) for walk to park.

    Also bring: water bottle, lunch, waters, play equipment, SUN SCREEN, hat, sunglasses, anything for a

    hot day outside, but NO ELECTRONICS including CELL PHONES.

    Any donations of waters or snacks for our homeroom (26 kids) will be appreciated. Put MARTIN on the items.

    3rd grade will be at park 8:30 - 11:30. 6th grade will be there about 12:00 - 2:30. Parents welcome.


    Wed- Bring a blanket or towel to sit on. Furniture moved out of room and packing and cleaning up of class room.

              (It takes everybody as a team to shut down the school.)

            Take home all left over supplies and other belongings.

    Thu- Saying our good-byes to 6th grade

             Dismissal 12:00

            Have a great summer!  I will miss you so much!!!!


    Week of May 16th


    Mon- Read Westing Game

              **All late or missing work/tests must be turned in by Wednesday. 

              Update Westing notes

              Watch short on "Hoo's on First"

    Tue- Ch 11- 15 questions

             p. 137 prepositions

            Read Westing Game

            Update W.G. notes

    Wed- Update W.G. notes

              Stock Market close read and questions

             Martin homeroom assists Mr. Warner with Mac Book collection

             P.E. Bowling Trip

    Thu- Read Westing Game

             Finish questions ch 11-15 and stock market questions

             Update W.G. notes

             Mac Book turn in time  (sad face)

    Fri- Finish Westing Game

           Turn in : Westing Game packet (notes)

                           Ch 11-15 questions

                           stock market questions

                           p.137 Grammar

    **AWARDS/PARK DAY - Tuesday, May 24th 10:00 (short reception 11:00)

    parents - waters or gadorades will be appreciated for the park. 26 students.

    Send in with student or bring them by the park about 12:00. Please put Martin on them. Parents are welcome

    to the park also, but if you want to check out student, you will need to check them out in the office. The office will give you documentation toshow us at the park.


    Week of May 9th

    Mon - Reading Scantron END OF YEAR Test

               Update Comp. bk with "Westing Suspect" info

               Read Westing Game

    Tue -  Read Westing

               Answer Westing questions

               Notes in com bk - Westing info

              p.137 grammar bk prepositions

    Wed - Read Westing

               Answer Westing questions

               Notes in Comp bk Westing

    Thu - Read Westing Game

             A.R. Goalers to McDonald's & Meyer Park

    Fri - Vocab Test on Detective Words

           Read Westing Game

           Semester Good Behavior Movie


    Week of May 2nd

    Mon- Read Hatchet

             Work on Where's Brian Project

             Study Ch. 14-17 words

          Counselor - Career Videos

    Martin homerm - Finish movie

    Tue- Read Hatchet

             Ch 14- 17 voc/spell tests

             Hatchet A.R. test

             Hatchet extended test

             Finish Where's Brian Project

    Wed. - Start presenting Where's Brian Projects

                 A Cry in the Wild Movie

                Talk from GSMS Peer Helpers 

                Finish Hatchet Packets

    Thu. - Continue presentations

               Turn in Hatchet Packets

               Mysteries movie notes

               Define Mystery Words

                Intro to The Westing Game on Moodle

               GSMS presentation & tour 9:00 - 10:00

    Fri. -  Fun Run 8:15

              Field Day starts 11:15

              Check definitions - Mystery Words

              Read The Westing Game!


    Week of April 25th

    Mon- Start Where's Brian project -

                    directions on Reading Moodle

              Ch 14 - 17 words given

             Continue listing internal/external conflicts

    Tue - Read Hatchet

             Work on Brian project


    Wed. - Field trip - Gulfquest Museum, Mobile


    Thu- Read Hatchet

             continue internal/external conflicts

             Gram bk p. 135         

     Fri- ch 14-17 vocab/spelling tests (moved to next TUESDAY)

           Finish Where's Brian Project and submit to 

           Forum On Moodle Reading



    Week of April 18th 

    Mon - Read Hatchet

            Put together Hacket packet

            Ch 1- 4 vocab. words assigned (on quizlet and spelling city)

           Gram. bk p.134 # 1-5

    Tue - Read Hatchet

              Work on Compass assignments

    Wed - Read Hatchet

               list internal and external conflicts

               Gram p. 135 evens

    Thu - Ch 1-4 Words vocab and spelling test

              Read Hatchet

              List internal and external conflicts

          **Progress Reports go home

          Get everything ready for our trip and a good night's sleep 

    Fri - NEW ORLEANS TRIP meet at school at 6:00a.m.

            Students not going on trip stop by office to be counted present




    Week of April 11th ** State Tests this week! Come rested and on time and ready to do your best.

    Mon- Reading ACT Aspire 


    Tue- Math ACT Aspire


    Wed- Science ACT Aspire 

              Celebrate with a movie

             Start reading Hatchet


    Thu. and Fri.:

    ELA : Hatchet Novel Study

    RL.6.1 Use text evidence to support my analysis

    RL.6.2 Use details to determine theme

    RL.6.4 figure out the meanings of phrases used to illustrate author’s meaning

    RL.6.5 how do parts of a story fit together to affect its meaning

    L.6.5a discover the meaning of figurative language

    ● Read chapters 1-4

    ● Set up notebook: Intro Essential Question, I Can statements

    ● Review Literary Elements: Conflict, Character

    ● Document evidence of flight path: Where Did Brian Crash? GO

    ● Color Map of Canada for evidence/tracking path

    ● Chapter summaries: vocabulary, character traits, external and

    internal conflict





    Week of April 4th    One week until ACT Aspire! It's almost here!

    Mon- Make sure one of your poems has been submitted to Reading Moodle for 

           hall display.

          Coach book read p. 2-5 Reviewing fiction

           Read p. 6-8 Do #1-4

     Homework- Read over any notes in Reading Composition book nightly

     Take home Coach book to study - but sign it out on the board.**

    Tue- Act Aspire practice with "bubbling in"

           Compass Reading - Super Bowl Assignments


    Wed- Wear Blue for Autism Awareness 

             Non-Fiction Articles Review Coach p. 68-80 Do #1-5


    Thu- Practice Act Aspire Test

            Compass Reading - Super Bowl Assignments

            Warm up - Reread Coach Book Persuasive Text p.82-84


    Fri- 20 day surfing party for 20 Day Good Behavior

          Warm up - ReRead Coach Book Analyze Info Text p.124 -130

            Review practice test



    Week of March 21st - I hope you are A.R. reading! It's the 2nd week of 4th quarter.

    Mon. Interactive poetry on Moodle should be completed
            Choose one of your poems and submit on Moodle for the hall
            Coach Poetry lesson
           Spell/vocab list on quizlet: Poetry List 2

    Tues. Discuss Ballads, Odes, Epics, and Science Fiction similarities and differences
             Read examples and answer questions
    Wed. Poetry Unit Test

    Thu. A.R. Bowling 11:00 - 2:30
           We will switch classes.
    And all work
    Spell/vocab tests on Poetry list 2

    Fri. Good Friday
          No School



    Week of March 14th

    Mon. No school - teacher professional development day

    Tue. - Review for County Formative Test
              Take County Formative Test (very important to do your best)
             Study Poetry words on quizlet

    Wed. - Coach Book Assignment

    Thu. - Coach Book Assignment
               Moodle Assignment - on poetry

            Career day! Presentations by GSHS students - 8:00
              &  Kindergarten Parade at 10:00 
             NO BAND or LIBRARY, STEM, or OFFICE AIDES today
            Kindergarten aids will help their class during parade
    **Vocab/Spell. tests on Poetry Words
           Turn in all work


     Week of Feb. 29th  Students A.R. goal at 90% by Friday

    Mon.  Review Parts of a plot

              Gram. Bk. p. 146 - 147 ALL

             New "Fire Side Chat" vocab. words

            Write a sentence with each

           ANTI-Bullying Assembly with speaker


    Tue.   Check p. 146 - 147 ALL

              Read New Deal speech whole group

             Students assigned a paragraph to "translate"



    Wed.   Check DLR Week 24

              Check Coach p. 34-35

            WEATHER ASSEMBLY wtih Alan Seals - WKRG


            Dr. Seuss Book


    Thu. Coach Lesson p. 36-40



    Fri. Spell/vocab. tests

    check p. 36-40

           Check DLR week 26

          Turn in all work


    Week of Feb.22nd    80% of A.R. goal due by Friday


    Mon.  Check and discuss Lesson 17 Coach book

               New spell/voc words on quizlet

               Write cursive sentence with each word

               Story elements continued

               Dey - show rest of YDY iMovies

              Feb. Star Reading Test


    Tue. DLR (Mon, Tues)

            Check lesson 17

           Sound of Summer on Moodle Reading

               - understanding difficult text


    Wed. DLR - Wed.

             Finish Sound of Summer assignments

              Close Read New Deal Speech 

               - use strategies to understand the text


    Thu. DLR Thurs.

              Be ready for vocab/spell. tests

              Continue working on New Deal lesson

              p.32-35 of Coach book    


    Fri. Root : Mitt/Miss spell/voc test

            Turn in all work

           figurative language activity

          Check all days for DLR



    Week of Feb. 15th Students should have 70% of A.R. goal by Friday (This is the 7th week of the quarter)


    Mon. Work on YDY Movie Trailer of a chapter of Year Down Yonder

             The trailer should show the full plot of the chapter

            Review story elements powerpoint

           Dey Hrm - Write cursive sentences with YDY words 


    Tue. Dey Hrm - Year Down Yonder words spelling test

           Work on YDY Chapter Movie Trailer

          Pronoun review in grammar book p.140


    Wed. Pronoun review in grammar book p. 141 odds

             New vocab list on quizlit.com Root: meaning heart

             vocabulary worksheet

             Finish YDY Chapter movie trailer

    ** P.E. Bowling trip - those that don't go will stay back with a 6th grade teacher**



    Thu. Show movie trailer

            pronoun work p. 142 ALL 1-10

           Write a short story with the vocabulary words (10 sentences)

          Literary elements practice


    Fri.  literary elements work

           Root: Heart vocabulary & spell. tests

          subject/object pronoun work handout

         Compass - reading work

        Revise/Edit lesson 17 in purple and white book.



    WEEK of Feb. 8th  Students should have 60% of A.R. goal by Friday


    Mon. No School


    Tues. No School


    Wed. Dey hrm finish Year Down Yonder

             YDY vocabulary words - write cursive sentences with the words

            p.122 Grammar book

             Revise/Edit lesson 17 in Coach book


    Thu.  A.R. YDY Test - Dey Hrm

              Literary Elements lesson

            p.123 odds Gram. Bk.


    Fri. YDY vocabulary words activity (no vocabulary test /just spelling test)

            YDY Plot Movie Trailer


     Week of Feb. 1st

    50% of A.R. goal should be achieved by Friday


    Mon. - DLR Monday

                Root: Cap Vocabulary words assigned

               Vocab. page given

               Write a meaningful sentence with each word in cursive DUE FRIDAY.

              3x each not required, but is a good way to remember the spelling


               Reading Comprehension study guide reviewed and glued in comp. bk.

               Reading Comprehension practice test


              Complete a plot diagram for chapter 1 of Year Down Yonder


    Tues.  Submit "Homework Argument Essay" in Moodle Language

              DLR Tuesday

              Scan Tron Middle of the Year Assessment!

              Read a chapter of YDY


    Wed. DLR Wednesday

             Write cursive vocab. sentences if not completed yet

            Finish Scan Tron Test

           Read YDY Chapter


    Thur.  DLR Thur. and check understanding of the entire page

             Study vocabulary words meaning & spelling

              Complete questions on Year Down Yonder

            Generalizations Review (powerpoint)

           Leader in Me Survey

          Recognize students that improved on Middle of Year Scan Tron Test


    Fri. Lunch Times: Dey - 10:24, Martin - 10:27 SCHOOL DISMISSED 11:50 for County-wide Teacher meeting

         Root:Cap vocabulary & spelling tests

         Turn in all work



     Week of Jan.25th

    40% of A.R. goal should be achieved by Friday


    Mon. Review p.92-95 Comprehending Persuasive Essays

             Per/Arg. notes in Comp. bk

             Read Year Down Yonder

           Spelling/Vocabulary words- Root: Spic/Span 

                 3x each in cursive and meaningful sentences due Friday

                 Words are on Spelling City and Quizlet.com

          Daily Language Review each day this week


    Tue. DLR

           Read Year Down Yonder

          Analyse missed questions on Form. Assess.

          Timed Argument Essay - Claim Topic is Homework


    Wed. DLR

              Review Vocab words

            Depth of knowledge questions with

               Jazz Age Soc. Stud. text



    Thu. Read Year Down Yonder


            Finish Homework Essay and submit on Moodle


    Fri. Check all DLR for the week

          Spell/vocab tests ( know them well)

        3x and sentences due

        Generaliztions Review


    WEEK of Jan. 18th 

    30% of A. R. due Friday

    ****** Due to copier issues, no DLR for this week. ********


    Mon. - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day NO SCHOOL


    Tue.- Finish Macbook yay/nay arg. essay submit on Moodle Language

              Read a Chapter of YDY together

              Daily Language Review

              Coach Lesson 16 p.252-257


    Wed.- Daily Language Review

              Check p. 74-75 Grammar from previous week

             Do Coach pg. 249-251 #1-4


    Thu. - A.R. Skating trip Uniform free for goal makers

              nongoalers will stay back - read, Compass lessons, 

              Daily Language Review


    Fri.  Coach lesson p.255 257

           Art Club assembly 2:00 (only club members)

           Read chap. of Year Down Yonder


    Week of Jan. 11th     20% of  A.R. goal due Friday


    Mon.- Daily Language Review (DLR) Week 19

               Check Gram. pages p. 74-75

              Vocab/Spell. List introduced - Root: Ben (meaning good)

              3x each and sentences due Friday

              Purple Coach workbook lesson 6 p.82 -89

             Dey hrm - Star Test


    Tue. - DLR Tues

             Purple Coach Workbook lesson16 p.246-48, 252 - 257

            Vocab worksheet


    Wed. - DLR Wed

               Star Reading Report sent home - returned signed

              Close read Sandler Argument Letter and name parts


    Thu - DLR Thu

             Review missed standards from County Assessment

             Students write Argumentative Essay: Answering - Should stuents take home

             the Mac Books? 

            Study for vocab test


    Fri. - Check DLR for the week

            Spell/vocab tests for Root: Ben words

           Work on Argumentative Essay




    Week of Jan. 5th  10% of A.R. goal due Friday


    Mon - Teacher Workday

     Tues. LAST DAY TO TAKE A.R. test for 2nd quarter goal

              Intro to Argumentative reading/writing unit

                    Notes in composition book

             Argumentative vocab/spelling words given

                     words are on quizlet and spellingcity

            Daily language review Mon & Tues

     Wed. Daily language review Wed.

            Partner argumentative close read and analysis

     Thu. Daily language review Thu.

           More notes and practice with arg.writing

          3x times each and sentences for vocab words

     Fri. Individual argumentative reading assignment

          vocab/spelling tests

         check daily language reviews for the week

        Grammar bk p. 74 Read and complete 1-5 all, p.75 1-10 all Follow the directions exactly as in the book.

         Turn in all work to the yellow baskets.