Mrs. Amanda Talantis

Phone: 251/968-4747


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Amanda Talantis

Bachelors degree in International Relations and Spanish, The University of Alabama

Masters degree in Spanish Literature, The University of Alabama

Class A Education Certificate, Masters of Education program, The University of Alabama

Spain Undergraduate Studies, La Universidad de Alcalá

Costa Rica Graduate Studies, La Universidad de Costa Rica


In 2004 as a Graduate Assistant I taught Spanish at the University of Alabama. In 2005 I became a high school Spanish teacher in Tuscaloosa. I love teaching Spanish. In 2012 my family moved to Baldwin County and began our teaching careers here. I live in Gulf Shores with my husband and two children. 


Spanish II Syllabus

Spanish 4 Syllabus

Spanish 101 Dual Enrollment Syllabus