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Mrs. Evelyn Walker

I’ve lived in Daphne almost all of my life. My dad, a computer programmer, and my 10th grade Math teacher had the greatest influence on my decision to become a Math teacher. School year 2017-18 marked my 20th year teaching Math at Daphne High. I am the Mathematics Department Chair and sponsor of Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society.

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My classroom is a fragrance free space due to medical diagnoses.

Almost 12 years into my teaching career, I was diagnosed with asthma and took medications for the illness. With symptoms continually getting worse, I changed doctors and was referred to a specialist. In January 2018, the specialist diagnosed an enlarged hyper-sensitive larynx, paradoxical vocal cord dysfunction, and multiple chemical sensitives…not asthma! These diagnoses cause severe coughing attacks when a trigger/irritant is encountered. My voice becomes very raspy and I usually get laryngitis. There is NO medication to stop or prevent the coughing. My only options are to avoid triggers/irritants, remove myself from the presence of them, or remove them from my presence.

My triggers/irritants are odors/fumes from natural, commercial, household, and personal products such as but not limited to:  mold, flowers, perfumes, colognes, essential oils, lotions, body sprays, air fresheners, hand sanitizers, cleaning products, dust, freshly-cut grass, cinnamon, walnuts, melons, and kiwis. Due to the food allergies, I carry an epi-pen.

After a severe coughing attack, I usually miss a day or two of school to allow my larynx and voice time to recover. I practice breathing exercises, vocal hygiene, and rescue breathing techniques. I have a HEPA filter air purifier, a personal fan, oxygen-producing plants, and baking soda in my classroom to help keep the air circulating and odor-free.

I ask that everyone help control triggers/irritants in my classroom by NOT wearing or using scented products. I would rather be at school teaching than spending the day in the emergency room or at home recovering.


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