• FCCLA is a national, state, county and local organization. We are a group of friends who come together to help people in our community. fccla
    We meet on most Wednesday mornings at 7:30am in Ms. Carpenter's room. We promote a positive, respectful, caring and helpful attitude among all our members towards others in and out of school.
    Some of our community projects are:
    Donating turkeys at Thanksgiving for the families through the Christian Center, helping Sunny 105.7 radio station with their annual Christmas toy drive by collecting toys at GSMS (these toys are distributed to children locally), making neck pillows for the patients and the Baldwin County Cancer Center, and making homemade dog biscuits for the local animal shelters.
    We also sponsor the local cook-offs at our school. In September we have the sweet potato cook-off. The first place winner of the local cook-off will take their winning dish to the county fair in Robertsdale where all the schools in Baldwin County compete. In February we have the local chocolate cook-off.
    The week of Halloween we have our  annual Halloween Bake Sale. The members work  very hard to make all of our projects very successful!!!
    We will be having our first meeting the 2nd or 3rd week after school starts. I will update this post and have an announcement made at school when exactly that will be. Students do not have to sign up ahead of time. To join they just need to come to the first meeting and be willing to participate in our projects with an enthusiastic and caring attitude!! See you soon!!! :-)