•  FTA

    Who we are:

    The RHS FTA Club helps a student explore teaching as a career option, provides them with a realistic understanding of teaching, and encourages students from diverse backgrounds to think about the field of Education.

    When we meet:

    FTA meets the 1st Wednesday of each month @ 7:15AM in room 714. 

    What we do:

    We will be designing bulletin boards around the school, discussing educational issues and opportunities, providing a reception for RHS teachers, offering teacher assistant opportunities with feeder pattern schools, taking a field trip to a local college or university, providing you with scholarship opportunities in the field of Education, connecting with other students in the county who want to go into Education and getting to know other RHS students who also want to become teachers.

    What it costs:

    The annual due for RHS’s FTA Club is $20-25 which will include a club t-shirt. This amount should be brought with you to your first meeting or before.

    Make Checks payable to RHS

    Club Sponsor

    Ms. Kaytee Jones (Mathematics Rm. 714)

    Hope to see you there!