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    Crystal Geiger, RN

    Crystal Geiger, RN




    Letter from the Nurse

    I am the school nurse for Elberta Elementary School.  I have more than 6 years experience working as a neonatal intensive care nurse in a level 3 nursery. I have very much enjoyed the past 3 years of my school nurse transition here at EES. My husband and I live here in Elberta with our three children, Wyatt, Weston, and Whitley.  Below you will find important information that will help your child this school year. 


    First, Baldwin County Schools are not allowed to dispense any prescription medication without a parent/physician authorization form completed. If your child needs to receive medication at school, that medication must be kept inside a locked cabinet in the Health Office.  This includes over-the-counter medications.  For their own safety, children should NOT be given any medication to administer themselves. I have a link below for the medication form that may be printed and filled out by your physician.  This must be returned to the school office with the appropriate unopened labeled medication. 

    If your child is injured at school or feels ill, he/she should report the injury to the classroom teacher, adult on duty, or Health Room staff.  If the illness or injury warrants your attention, you will be contacted.  If the injury or illness is of a serious nature, we will call you and ask that you come and transport the child to the doctor.  If we believe your child's health is in jeopardy, we will contact Emergency Medical Services for immediate assistance.

    If your student has a medical condition or need that we should be aware of, please come by the Health Office and touch base with me prior to your child entering/returning to school.  This includes, but is not limited to, diabetes, seizure disorders, allergies, cardiac conditions, communicable diseases, and/or asthma.  It is our goal to give students optimal access to their education.

    Each year, we check immunization records to make sure they are up-to-date.  IMPORTANT - if you refuse vaccinations for any reason you must send in an exemption certificate form from your child's physician or the health department.  You must renew this status EVERY YEAR.  Immunization laws are state mandated.  If you receive a letter from me or if you know your child is missing shots, please take care of it immediately.

    Finally, please make every attempt to call the office in the event that your child is ill.  Knowing what ails one student can help us advise the teacher or other families in your child's class.

    Thank you,

    Crystal Geiger, RN