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    This Year's Challenge.......Bet the Farm!


    For the last 155 years, BLT Farms, Inc., run by Mr. Riley Bread and Family, have done things the old-fashioned way on their family farm. Horse-drawn plows slowly gave way to tractors and combines. BLT Farms has always been an early adopter of new technology, but not much has really changed for the small family farmer recently. The Bread’s four children – Henry, Lucas, Maria, and Olivia - have all gone away to college and come home with some new ideas about the future of their family farm including hydroponics and using robots on the farm. Their ideas are not the same, and arguments between the siblings has caused a ruckus on the homestead. Some of the arguments have curdled milk at twenty paces! To add to the problem, there’s been a bit of a drought lately and water is scarce. To determine what to do in terms of technology implementation on the farm, the Breads are seeking input from your Company. Their letter is enclosed below.

    Dear Principal Ronald Brumby,

    As a neighbor, I’m sure you know that the last few years have been tough for all of us farmers. With growing competition from international harvesters and the grasshopper plague that has stricken our community, we’re working faster than a Clydesdale to find and test new ideas that will help us continue to make our farms profitable. Our mates in Cleveland Bay have found some success using robotics for their farming operations. We would like to test something similar on our farm. Allie Calabrese, the mayor of Caspian, has offered to give all local farmers an allotment of seeds to test how robotics and automation might improve our planting and harvesting techniques. We would like to team up with your company to design and build robots that can find optimal solutions for planting and harvesting. Farming is not a one person operation. Due to the fact that we face many challenges, success will require planning, strategy, and teamwork. I hope that you’ll agree to be part of this experiment.


    Mr. Riley Bread BLT Farms Inc.