• TOPS:  White or Navy Blue; collared shirts with sleeves or turtleneck.  Small, unobtrusive logos are permitted.
    BOYSKhaki or Navy pants or shorts; corduroy fabric is permitted.  
    GIRLS:  Khaki or Navy Blue; pants, skirts, capris, shorts, skorts, jumpers, or dresses; corduroy fabric permitted.
    SWEATSHIRTS/SWEATERS/COATS/JACKETS:  Must be SOLID black, brown, navy, tan, gray, or white.  Outerwear items must not have lettering, or logo of alcohol, tobacco, and/or controlled substance, nor pictures, symbols, art work that may be offensive in nature and cause a disruption to the educational process.
    FOOTWEAR:  Footwear must be worn at all times and be closed toe in nature.  As necessary, footwear must conform to special class requirements (P.E. tech center, agricultural classes, ROTC, science, etc.)
    KHAKI is defined by Baldwin County Public Schools to be light tan in color. 
    No jeans, wind/sweatpants, velour pants, over-sized clothing, overalls, bellbottoms, unheeded clothing, clothing with cuts, slits, holes or slashes in inappropriate places, denim fabric, sleeveless shirts, overcoats, and trench coats. 
    1st Infraction:  Warning and parent notified.
    2nd Infraction:  Referral to office and parent notified.
    3rd Infraction:  Detention
    4th Infraction and Subsequent Infraction(s):  One day suspension and parent notified.
    • Clothing and general appearance may not cause a disturbance or interfere with the instructional program and must not constitute a health hazard.
    • Clothing must be appropriate length and fit.  To be acceptable, short pants and skirts must extend beyond either the fingertips when the student extends arms downward along the sides or reach the mid thigh which ever is longer.  Pants must completely cover underwear.  
    • Excessively baggy or excessively tight fitting clothing is prohibited.
    • Shirts must completely cover the midriff area when sitting and standing and expose no cleavage.  
    • Adornments that could reasonably be perceived as weans or used to inflict harm (i.e. chains, spikes, etc.) are prohibited.  
    • Gang related apparel is prohibited at all times at any school function or school sponsored activity.  Items deemed inappropriate under this category are are at the discretion of the principal.
    • Heads must remain uncovered in the building.
    • Students who transfer from other school districts will be given five (5) days to come into compliance with the dress code.
    • Schools may use t-shirts on field trips or spirit day as approved by the principal.
    Revised May 19, 2011