GSMS offers English, Science, Social Studies and Math Advanced classes.

    Students who meet the criteria for Advanced classes will receive invitation letters in the spring of the school year. Invitation letters must be signed by both the parent and the student and returned to the school before the student will be placed in the Advanced for the following school year. 

    Students who do not meet the criteria may still take Advanced classes, but the parent must submit a Request to Enroll.

    Please see the documents to the right for qualifying criteria and class descriptions.

    There are no summer assignments.


    What is Advanced?

    Advanced are on-grade level academically advanced courses designed to challenge motivated students to understand rigorous content. The coursework requires students to engage in independent and analytical assignments. 

    What is the difference between a Advanced and a General Education class?

    The curricula for both Advanced and General Ed courses are built on the core academic curriculum following the Alabama Course of Study for each course. Students enrolled in Advanced should expect a faster class pace, more depth in classroom discussion, increased amount of reading, and overall greater academic expectations on assignments and time management.

    Why should my child take a Advanced class?

    Advanced middle school courses are designed to prepare students for high school Pre-AP and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. AP courses are college-level courses taught in a high school setting, generally during the Junior and Senior years. At the end of each AP course and AP Exam is given. Qualifying scores on the AP Exams can possibly enable students to receive college credit and/or advanced standing at a university or college. Students taking Advanced courses should expect additional demands on time, personal organization, and commitment.

    Can any child take a Advanced course?

    GSMS  has an open enrollment policy in Advanced offerings. Teachers, parents and students should work together to choose the most appropriate classes for student success. The following characteristics have been found in successful Advanced students:

    ·      Strong study skills and self-motivation

    ·      Proficient oral and communication skills

    ·      Self-discipline to plan, organize, and carry out assigned tasks

    ·      Commended performance on ACT ASPIRE tests in the related core subjects

    ·      Above average grade in the previous year related content area 

    Specific Differences in Core subjects:

    MATH: Advanced is Algebra 1, general education is Pre-Algebra.

    ENGLISH: Advanced will have additional summer reading assignments and outside independent reading throughout the year. They will be expected to form in-depth responses and articulate, elaborate on a variety of topics.

    SCIENCE: Advanced students should have an above average aptitude in Science. They should enjoy the higher questioning practices needed in science exploration.

    We also suggest that you discuss this with your child and with the current academic teacher in that subject. We hope this guide will be helpful in selecting the courses most appropriate for the success of your child.