FYI: Facts to Know

  • Helpful Tips and Reminders:

    Any changes in transportation must be requested in writing and must be received in the front office before 12:00 p.m.  Consistency in transportation is important for your student. Frequent changes will not be permitted.
    For the safety of your student, please be sure to have your Driver’s License in hand for any checkouts.   Anyone checking out a student MUST be on the checkout list or the student will not be released.

    Please send in a written note with your student for any absences. A doctor's note is preferred. You are allotted a certain number of written parent notes as excused.
    Because of the difficulty in locating a student in transition, we do not allow check-outs after 2:00 p.m. except in cases of an emergency.
    When sending in money, please be sure to put it in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with the student name, teacher name and purpose.
    Please send exact change and have the student give it to his/her homeroom teacher in the morning.

    Parents, please be sure your student has an appropriate bookbag, rolling bookbags will not be permitted, unless you have approval from the Principal.