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    Dear Parents:  

    If you are like most middle school parents, you are finding it increasingly difficult to help your child understand and solve math problems.  There are now many free resources that your child has access to with their Chromebooks that will help reinforce what they have learned in math class. Below are several free websites that offer tutorials/videos, math lessons, practice quizzes at varying levels, drills for math facts, and math based games to help both 7th and 8th graders improve their math skills. Please take some time to sit down with your student and check out these sites.  

    Free Math Practice Websites


    The Khan Academy is a free on-line library of thousands of videos on subjects including math, physics, and history that are designed to allow students to learn at their own pace and for teachers to use as instructional tools. It offers video tutorials for both 7th and 8th grade Math and Algebra 1. Practice exercises align with Common Core standards.

    Purple math


    VirtUAL NERD

    Real math help.

    Over 1,500 video lessons covering Middle Grades Math through Algebra 2.



    Multiplication Practice

    Many times students have difficulty with math concepts like fractions because they have not mastered their multiplication facts. This free website has a Quick Flash II which is a fun way to practice the times tables.



    More Math Facts Practice

    This program drills students on the basic facts for all operations.  It is essential they know their facts. 



    Math Worksheets

    Math-Drills.com has thousands of Free Math Worksheets for teachers and parents on a variety of math topics. Answer keys are also provided. 


    Buzz Math  
    Buzz Math

    All students should have an account. 

    Why Students Love it
    • It's impressive. Finally an online math app that is fun to use and that does not put students into a trance from repeatedly answering multiple choice questions.
    • It's useful! Students see similar examples to instantly determine why they are wrong and then allows them to retry with different values.
    • It's simple! Clear goals are provided for students. They must complete assignments, accumulate stars, unlock missions, restore BuzzCity and proclaim victory as a mathematical hero.
    Why Parents Love Buzzmath
    • Quality. Tons of useful interactions with a clear path to success.
    • Efficiency. On demand examples, automated corrections and the insight you need to help your children, quickly.
    • Flexibility. Use for review or enrichment.
    • Simplicity. Easy-to-use reports that will track your child's progress.

     That Quizz

    That Quiz

    This site allows you to choose math concepts for questions and set the level of difficulty for those questions. 




    DigitWhiz is an online, games-based program aligned to the Common Core that guides kids ages 8+ to master key foundational skills in five areas: multiplication • division • integer operations • like terms • solving equations  


    A Click

    A+ Click

    A+ Click helps students become problem solvers. No fees, no ads, no calculators, and no sign in. The website features a graduated set of over 3700 challenging problems for students in grades one through twelve, starting from the very simple to the extremely difficult. It also includes hundreds of practical problems and brainteasers.

    The questions concentrate on understanding, spatial reasoning, and problem solving rather than math rules and theorems. The problems include a short description and an illustration to help problem solvers visualize the model. The problems can be solved within one minute and without using a calculator.

    The tests adapt to student ability. To progress to a higher level, you must correctly answer five consecutive questions. If you correctly answer 20 questions, the system suggests you enter the competition. The Hall of Fame shows the best performers of the last 10 days.