• Baldwin County Public Schools Feeder Patterns 

    The Schools listed below in red are the schools offering a 2018 Summer program. Your child can be registered for one of the following summer programs if the school your child attended for the 2017/2018 School Year in listed in the same feeder pattern.


    Baldwin County High School 

    • BayMinette Elementary 
    • Delta Elementary 
    • Pine Grove Elementary 
    • Stapleton School 
    • Perdidio School 


    Fairhope High School 

    • Fairhope Elementary 
    • Fairhope Intermediate 
    • J. Larry Newton 


    Foley High School

    • Foley Elementary 
    • Magnolia Elementary 
    • Swift Elementary 


    Elberta High School 

    • Summerdale Elementary 
    • Elberta Elementary 


    Robertsdale High School

    • Elsanor Elementary 
    • Loxley Elementary 
    • Robertsdale Elementary 
    • Rosinton Elementary
    • Silverhill Elementary