• The Division of Instructional Support offers a comprehensive instructional program for about 27,000 students enrolled in grades PreK-12.  Instructional Support serves the needs of the administrators and teachers by offering services and support to schools which in turn provide the best educational programs for all students. 

    Instructional Support's offices are located in the Loxley Central Office Satellite at 1091 B Avenue in Loxley, Alabama.

    You may access information on any department within Instructional Support through the menu on the left or use the contact information below to reach us via e-mail or phone.

    Our mission is to provide curricular and instructional resources for learning.  Our vision is to be the leader of innovative thinking, learning, and educating. 

    The Instructional Support Division is comprised of many different departments all with the same values:   

    • that student learning is the priority
    • that collaboration leads to creative solutions of complex problems
    • in providing timely responses to requests, problems, and inquiries
    • in a collegial environment for expressing ideas
    • in professional integrity and respect
    • in the diversity of people and ideas
    • in the equity of resources
    • in using research and data to make decisions
    • in conducting work in an ethical and collaborative manner
    • in honoring and acknowledging achievement
    • that effective communication and public relations are the responsibility of all staff
    • that continuous innovation in the Division is the basis for a quality operation
    • in team success  

    Content area coordinators and supervisors in all areas, grades PreK-12, are assigned to assist teachers and administrators with approved resources, curricular materials and staff development.

    We are very proud of the following programs in place within our district:

    • Alabama Reading Initiative Sites
    • Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative
    • Ninth Grade Success Academies
    • Pre-K Programs
    • B.E.S.T. Mentoring Programs
    • CAROUSEL Project
    • Advanced Placement Programs