• Independence
    It is the mission of Project SEARCH Baldwin County to empower young adults with disabilities to achieve increased independence through an innovative combination of on-site internships and classroom curriculum. Project SEARCH Baldwin County is based within Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, Alabama, where interns learn and apply transferrable skills in a variety of departments. As a part of Infirmary Health's iHelp program, participants in Project SEARCH Baldwin County have a unique advantage of obtaining valuable skills and experience before joining our local workforce.

    Project SEARCH Baldwin County interns participate in a series of three 10-week internships in order to maximize the variety of experiences and transferrable skills acquired. Internships are specifically tailored to bring tangible value to participating departments throughout Thomas Hospital while providing a valuable service to interns. Young adults are matched with host departments based on existing skills, interests and opportunities for growth. These specialized internships, coupled with classroom curriculum, are the key to meaningful, competitive and integrated employment opportunities.

    The desired outcome of Project SEARCH Baldwin County is meaningful, competitive and integrated employment for all participants. From transition-centered classroom curriculum to innovative internships, participants are given the tools and experience to succeed in an increasingly competitive job market. After gaining meaningful employment, Project SEARCH Baldwin County participants receive on-site job coaching in order to insure a smooth transition into the new workplace. 

    "Thomas Hospital is very pleased to be a host site for Project SEARCH. This program focuses on each intern's abilities as well as their eagerness to participate. It is inspiring to see the interns learning marketable skills for future employment"
    William J. McLaughlin, Jr. Exec. Vice President, Administrator, Thomas Hospital

    "We couldn't be happier with our Project SEARCH interns. They have made a tremendous contribution to our department. I am truly impressed by their positive attitudes, adaptability and eagerness to come to work every morning."
    Quanthia Asberry, Manager of Materials Management, Thomas Hospital

    "Project SEARCH has been one of the biggest blessings to Maggie and our family. It has given Maggie the opportunities such as job training, social skills and communication skills in a work environment setting that most likely could not have been achieved anywhere else. It has challenged Maggie in the best way and we, as parents, are seeing tremendous results in her such as being more independent, mature and responsible. In some ways it has also challenged us, as parents, to see Maggie in a different light and to feel more secure in allowing Maggie to become a more productive young adult. We realize the tremendous effort both staff of Project SEARCH and Thomas Hospital have put into this program and we are very grateful for this wonderful opportunity. We believe it is a win-win situation for ALL involved. Thank you!" Steve and Rhonda Reed, Parents of a Project SEARCH Baldwin County Intern