Principal's Corner

    Welcome back!  We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.  In 1921 BCHS graduated its first Senior Class.  So this year, we will be graduating the 100th class in the history of our school.   
    Also, this year we are trying several things to allow priviliges to students who are putting in extra effort and give them more time off campus.  During our lunch, we have study halls set up for students who are behind or failing in their classes.  For those who are passing and current on their work, they are allowed to have the entire hour.  For our Juniors and Seniors in good standing, we have off campus lunch.  We also are allowing our Seniors who have completed all their credits and have finished all their classes to leave as early as mid day.  This will allow more room on our campus while rewarding students who have kept on track academically. 
    And finally, construction on our new track is complete.  We have ordered the full gambit of track equipment and once it is set up we will hopefully be hosting our first track meet!


    Craig Smith
    Baldwin County High School
Craig Smith - Principal