Principal's Corner

    Welcome back for the 100th year of BCHS.  BCHS was opened in 1920 and we will be celebrating 100 years of success this year.  
    We have appointed a committee to help highlight and celebrate this year.  We look forward to having multiple great events in the future. 

    Starting in less than a month our Middle School students from Perdido and BMMS will be touring and will start making their schedule selections for the 2020-2021 school year. Scheduling is way ahead of schedule this year since our schools are moving to a new student managment system.   Our schedule for next year will be a 7 period day with a Powerblock for lunch. 

    The Powerblock is a 1 hour period of time that all the students will be out for lunch and designated areas for tutoring and remediation will be open for students to get help they need.  We did a similar model to this a couple of years ago.  Most high schools in the county will be doing this for the 20-21 school year. 

    We are looking forward to a strong finish of the 19-20 and a great start to the 20-21!   

    Craig Smith
    Baldwin County High School
Craig Smith - Principal