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    Megan Scofield 

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    The Gulf Shores Middle School Art students entered the Baldwin County Fair art contest in Robertsdale, Alabama. Twenty five students received ribbons of achievement. 1st place ribbons: Keaton Denney, Jessica Smith and Galdino Vidales. 2nd place ribbons: Chloe Knight, Emme Hurst, and Hannah Guthrie. 3rd place ribbons: Eddie Rodriguez and Shana Artrip. Honorable Mention ribbons: Christina Cook, Brittney McKenzie, Maddie Scarbrough, Jackson Humphries, Jace Odom, Matthew Florczyk, Maddie Rittich-Watts, Brianna Ennis, James David Adams, Olivia Coaker, Jacob Knight, Erin Miller, Isha Patel, Bre Andrews, Maya Kollin, Sophie Rodriguez, and Nick Vermillion. 

    In Picture 1: Left Back- Keaton Denney, Eddie Rodriguez, Galdino Vidales. Left front- Hannah Guthrie, Emme Hurst, Chloe Knight, Shana Artrip, and Jessica Smith

    In Picture 2: Left Back- Maddie Rittich-Watts, Sophie Rodriguez, Brittney McKenzie, Nick Vermillion, Jackson Humphries, James David Adams, Jacob Knight, Olivia Coaker, Christina Cook and Bre Andrews
    Left Front- Brianna Ennis, Maddie Scarbrough, Erin Miller, Isha Patel, Matthew Florczyk, Jace Odom 

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    Celebrating Art is a national art contest organized to recognize students with exceptional artwork. The artworks that are chosen, are published in a full-color hardbound book for the students to keep as a treasure. This is not a contest where every entry is invited to be published. Being published represents a lot of talent, hard work and dedication from teachers and students. We are honored that five Gulf Shores Middle School art students have been chosen to have their art published in "Celebrating Art." The five students chosen are: Luke Ball, Morgan Lollar, Delaney Russ, Sierra Naylor and Jacob Knight. As their art teacher I could not be more proud, they are all impressive artists. I am so thankful for contests like Celebrating Art that allows the students to be recognized for their talent. Thanks, Megan Scofield