Posted by Brittney Reeves on 4/14/2018

    By Lena Tran

    The finality of JV Softball is in its coming, being the end of the year and season. Many eighth grade girls were on the team this year, making much improvement over the season.

    The girls on the team have mixed feelings about something they are so passionate about to end.

    Both eighth grade girls, Lilly Reeves and Aliviah Word were a part of the JV Softball team this year, having a different experience playing with high schoolers.

    Over a course of a season in a sport, and most things, people grown immensely and learn a lot. “I have improved greatly. I have also learned to have more confidence in myself while playing,” said by Reeves.  “I think that I have grown tremulously over the course of this season, as an athlete and as a person in general. My coaches have taught me many things and as have my teammates. I have learned many things about the game that I can apply in my life,” Word has shared about the season.

    “I have mixed feelings about the season ending. I won't miss the half a mile run to the big oak tree every day, but I'll miss the adrenaline of games, like when we get an out, or one of my teammates get on base. One time, Nikita, a player that attends the high school, hit a in-park home run and I was so excited that I peed myself,” Word laughed about.

    Being on a high school team when you’re a middle schooler puts you on a higher standard, but can also have its positives like not worrying much about going into high school as much, knowing some of the people. “It is very different than middle school sports,” Reeves stated. “You have a lot more responsibility and it is also more serious than a middle school sport.”  

    “I do plan on playing softball in high school, but I may move on to playing travel ball. I have always wanted to play softball in college,” Reeves replied on the topic of high school plans. “I'm the kind of person who lives day by day, so I haven't really even thought about if I plan to play college softball,” Word said unsure. “But I know that I am hoping to keep it constant throughout my high school years.”

    “[Softball] is a very important part of my life because I can step onto the field and forget all of my problems,” Reeves shared. “Softball means a lot of things to me. It's very important, from my perspective,” Word said having a slightly different outlook on it. “If I didn't have a love for the game, I wouldn't go to the 2 hours and 45 minute practices every week day after school and I wouldn't travel all the way to Georgia to compete in a tournament with my teammates and sleep in the freezing cold. The game itself is very rewarding and you can always shake off what happened the play before that. Although, it really sucks to lose.”

    Great responsibility comes with being on a team, especially showing pride on that team. “My responsibilities on the JV team is to always act responsible and respectful while wearing Lady Dolphin softball clothes. I also have to always respect my coach and try my best to get better,” Reeves described.

    Much is learned on a team, which can sometimes make it hard to give up on the end of the season. “Softball is a pretty difficult game. But Coach Hammock always tells us that we don't show up to the field to play another team, we come to the field to play the softball. He also tells us that we have to refuse to lose and be hard to beat. It's not about winning, it's about playing the game how you're supposed to. You're always going to make mistakes, but what's important is that you make adjustments and show progress. At practice, Coach starts off by saying, ‘Let's win the day, today’ and I think that those pieces of advice are important, because you can apply them to everyday life.”

    Softball means a lot to those who play, they learn more on the play and even life lessons. Softball isn’t just a sport, but a passion these ladies love and hold strongly to.  

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    Posted by Brittney Reeves on 4/13/2018

    By: Emma Lindley


    What can one do with paper mache? Mrs. Michaelson's art class has the answer. In the art class the students are currently engaged in a paper mache project in the form of constructing a paper mache pig. The project started on Monday, April 9th.

    The resources being used for this project include material such as the following, balloons, paper towel rolls, a glue and water mix, newspaper, and a variety of paint colors. The balloons are used as a base or body for the pig and its head. The paper towels rolls are used a s legs for the pig. The glue and water mixture is used as an adhesive to help keep the newspaper stuck to the pig. The paint is used to add color and life to the pig as a whole.

    So, the process is as follows. First, the students stuck the balloons for the pigs heads and bodies together. Next, the students had attached the paper towel roll legs onto the balloon acting as the body. Following this step is using the water-glue mixture to hold the newspaper in place on the model. Lastly, the students took a variety of paint colors and freely painted their pigs. One art student had commented, “The paper mache project is the most fun I have had in awhile and everyone seems to enjoy working on it.” That should give a pretty clear picture of just how much of how much of a success the paper mache pig project turned out to be.

    All in all the paper mache pig project was a huge success and fun. The students learned collaborative working methods as well as free expression through their art.

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    Posted by Brittney Reeves on 4/6/2018

    By Cali Sweet

    On Thursday, April 5th, the GSMS track team had their first meet. The meet was located at Spanish Fort High School. All the events would be taking place as the track team hoped to secure some wins in most if not all of them, for their first meet of the season.


    The meet went great with the Gulf Shores girls getting 4th place while the boys placed 8th. For the 1600 meter run Baylee Grace Taylor won first place! For the 400 meter dash Lydia Brenizer came in third. In the 800 meter run, GSMS girls took second and first place with Katherine Herring coming in second place and Baylee Grace Taylor took home the gold for first place and for the boys Jojuan Horsley placed fourth. As for discus throw Olivia Akins came in second place! In the boys discus throw Caidyn Clark placed fifth.


    Coach Roberson, one of the track coaches, commented “Overall we did well. I am proud of all the athletes.”

    Coach Brewer, another one of the track coaches stated “On Thursday, we went to Spanish Fort and competed in our first track meet of the season both the boys and girls teams did a good job. The boys teams competed well but had a tough day earning points. We are a young team and we expect to improve with each meet. The kids work hard and have a great attitude. Just excited about what they can do as the season moves forward. Our next meet is Tuesday April 10 at the Gulf Shores Sportsplex.”

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    Posted by Brittney Reeves on 4/6/2018

    By Aiden Sallin


    On Friday, April the 5th the Student Government Association started selling Down Syndrome bracelets as a fundraiser towards the National Down Syndrome Society also known as the NDSS.


    The organization uses its money to “continue the important work we do to promote the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome.” The NDSS started in the 1980’s and kept going for the past years spreading how people are people and no matter what might appear different they are still human beings like everyone else.


    The Student Government Association was inspired to start this fundraiser because recently a local premature baby that was diagnosed with Down Syndrome named Everleigh.


    The bracelets are a tie-dye blue with the words “Down Syndrome Awareness” and the other side says “Everleigh Ever After”. The bracelets cost one dollar a piece and the Student Government Association will continue to sell them until they run out.

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  • TESTING 101

    Posted by Brittney Reeves on 4/6/2018

    By: Siya Patel

    The Gulf Shores Middle School had scantron testing during the week of April fifteenth on reading, math, and science, they also got rewards the same day if they reached their goal.

    The students took the reading test on Tuesday, April seventeenth, the math test was on Wednesday, April eighteenth, and the science test was on Thursday, April nineteenth.

    The eighth graders took the reading and math tests, and the seventh graders took the reading, math, and science tests.

    If the students increased on Monday they went to the Gulf Bowl. If they increase in Tuesday, the eighth graders went to the Aviation Museum, and the seventh graders went to the Cultural Center. If the students increased on Wednesday, the eighth graders went to the cultural center and the seventh graders went to Naval Aviation Museum

    The students have been preparing for the tests in their classes. Some ways students can be prepared at home is by finishing all homework that is assigned by your teacher. Participate in all class activities.

    Taylor Gates was asked, “How have you been preparing for your tests?” “I have been making sure I pay attention while my teachers are reviewing in all of my classes.”

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    Posted by Brittney Reeves on 4/5/2018

    By Lena Tran

    Garrett Garner is an eighth grade student at Gulf Shores Middle School who has been writing a book for over a year. It’s called The Thirteen that is planned to be published.

    Garner is a very skilled writer, and was only inspired by his seventh grade english teacher, Mrs. Roberson, to first write a screenplay, which later became a book.

    The main protagonist Jake Wilson was just a normal kid like everybody else. He hated getting up for school. He slept in class a little too much, but his whole life changes when his father and sister are found murdered in his house by a corporation called “The Order”. Garrett, one of Jake's closest friends explains the whole problem about the war between “The Twelve” and “The Order”. They later find out that there are Thirteen bloodlines for the zodiacs. This is only one of the secrets to be unfolded in The Thirteen.

    The Thirteen originally started out as a screenplay called “Almost, Always” and was changed because “[Garner] tried many times to make it work as a screenplay, but it seemed more like a book so [he] converted it into one,” as said by himself.

    The Thirteen is only the first book in Garner’s planned trilogy, which will hopefully be published if the first is successful. Though, his book is still in the editing phase, it won’t be published for a while.

    Garner loves sharing his writing and his own personal knowledge. “A great tip I have to other young Authors would be to keep reading many different books from different authors to see how they write. Vocabulary is a huge part of writing the more unique the vocab the more interesting a story can become.

    Great Authors I would recommend people to read would be John Green, for his amazing way of grammar and how he portrays emotions. Another Author would be Becky Albertalli for how she is able to become her characters almost flawlessly. She can easily make it seem as if you were reading the character's diary. The last one I would recommend would be Joey Graceffa, for how he isn't afraid to leave you with a terrible ending and will help with writing cliffhangers and he too has an amazing vocabulary.”

    Until his book is finished in the editing phase, we will be excited for this amazing book to come out!

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    Posted by Brittney Reeves on 3/30/2018

    By Cali Sweet

    Apply for the 2018-2019 Journalism staff by April 13th. You can apply for either Newspaper or Yearbook. All 6th graders and 7th graders are invited to join. Pick up an application in Mrs. Reeves door (room 101) starting April 2nd or go to the GSMS website and fill out the application there.  


    There are many perks to being a journalism student but a few are you get to go on fun and awesome field trips like Fox Ten News, you of course get a t-shirt, and you get to know about everything going on at school and all the details.


    Along with the perks though there are many responsibilities. You have the responsibility of taking pictures or getting someone responsible to take pictures for you if you are unable, finishing and turning in your articles for newspaper or your pages when it comes to yearbook, and getting all the information and details you need for your article or page in enough time by emailing or speaking to coaches and teachers. Joining the staff has its perks and its responsibilities of course.


    Connor King, the GSMS newspaper editor, stated “Newspaper is something that helps aspiring journalists begin their dream at becoming one for their career .”


    Madison Thomas, the GSMS yearbook editor, also commented “Yearbook is a great learning experience and will definitely teach you how to be on time with all your assignments, and how important it is to put in your best work.”

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    Posted by Brittney Reeves on 3/20/2018

    By Lena Tran

    Gulf Shores Middle School’s Scholars Bowl Team attended the county tournament on Thursday, March 15, against the rest of the middle schools in Baldwin County to determine the Scholars’ Bowl champion of the 2017-2018 school year at Coastal Community College.

    Their day started very early - having their first round at eight in the morning. The A Team played Summerdale their first round- having a bye round for their second, and a third round against Elberta.

    Joey Merrell, Caleb Colvin, Marshall Egbert, and Wilson Goree played for GSMS in each round. Against Summerdale, their team won with 200 against 110, answering the most toss ups and the most questions answered on their worksheet. For the third round, after the bye round following their win, the game didn’t go as well as they wanted. Elberta won with a score of 180, Gulf Shores losing by five points, 175. Gulf Shores did answer the most toss up questions for their final score.

    The GSMS Scholars Bowl Team was sadly unable to participate in the final rounds to decide the winners. For the Semi-Finals, Spanish Fort went against Elberta to state the second place winner. Spanish Fort won with 150, making Elberta come in second place for the entire county, scoring 120.

    For the Championship Match, Spanish Fort and Daphne played for the title of the First Place Scholars Bowl Champion of the 2017-2018 school year. Daphne was beat by a long shot, ending with 145 to 225, Spanish Fort winning first place.    

    Gulf Shores Middle School’s Scholars Bowl Team did their best, but unfortunately did not place in this year’s championship. But there is always next year for their team.   

    scholars' bowl

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    Posted by Brittney Reeves on 3/19/2018

    By Cali Sweet


    Track season is here! Tryouts were held on Wednesday, February 14th, and Friday, February 16th, at the Gulf Shores Middle practice field. Every GSMS student was invited to tryout.


    Track involves many types of athletics in sport. It includes 100 meter low hurdles (for girls), 110 meter low hurdles (for boys), 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash, 800 meter run, and 1600 meter run, discuss, shot put, long jump, high jump, and javelin.


    Track practices will be throughout the months of March and April and meets will begin in April. During tryouts, the runners ran miles while being timed, suicides, relays and other things while the throwers practiced throwing discus, shot put, and javelin.


    Congratulations to all those who made the track team!

    Houston Bryant, Dathan Butt, Caidyn Clark, Houston Curtis, Austin Davis, Kyle De Melo Mota, Corban Godrich, Dawson Herbig, Jojuan Horsley, Noah Kendall, Jacob Killough, Connor King, Owen McCann, James Morgan, Issac Nolan, Brett Stephens, Olivia Akins, Lily Thomas, Sydney Barnett, Lydia Brenizer, Lily Deep, Alexis Helton, Sophia Henry, Katherine Herring, KK Hoff, Jacey Hughes, Althea Lehman, Hannah Marsh, Delaney Scarbrough, Savannah Schrader, Bryannah Strickland, Baylee Grace Taylor, Shannon Todd, and Macy Wallen.


    When asked how she felt the track team was going to do this year, Coach Brewer, one of the track coaches, stated “Tryouts went great! We had around 40 or so athletes come out. We were very pleased with their effort during tryouts! They worked hard and showed a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. We are looking forward to a great season. Our practices start Thursday, February 22, with our first meet being on April 5th.”



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    Posted by Brittney Reeves on 3/16/2018

    By Michael Taylor

    The Dolphin’s soccer teams played against the Central Baldwin Bears in Orange Beach on Monday, March 12, 2018.


    The boys lost a close game 2-1, but the girls followed up with an amazing game, finishing with a 10-0 victory. The girls overwhelming win was the largest point differential all season for either team, win or loss.


    Both the boys girls teams finished with two wins on the season, and both teams improved a lot throughout the season. During the boys’ game, Central Baldwin’s defense proved to be too tough for the Dolphins - only allowing the dolphins to score one goal, but Gulf Shores’ defense played well too, only allowing 2 goals.


    Scott Prince, head coach of the boys team said he does not blame the defence for the loss, but he still sees room for improvement as he does for all positions at all times.


    Sean Kirby, starting center midfielder shared his thoughts with us, saying, “We are a group of talented individuals, but we need to focus on playing as a team if we want to succeed.”

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