• Art Club/National Art Honor Society

    Sponsor: Lynda Williams


    10th-12th grades

    $10 Art club fee, $5 additional fee for NAHS-must have GPA 3.0 or above

    Bulletin board located outside Art room #603, #605 for info

    “Remind” is used for Art Club notices


    • Members perform service in the school & community for service credit (20 hours for the year)
    • NAHS seniors must complete their 20 hrs. by March 31 (before Spring Break) to be eligible to order/wear cords & tassels for graduation
    • Cords =$12, tassels =$7 (paid for at time of order)


    • Typical events we participate in include the arts fests (Daphne & Fairhope), Church sponsored community events (ex.: the Shindig in October at Volanta field),FEEF sponsored community projects/events, Brennity seniors assisted living art workshops ( with art specialist Nancy Raia from the ESAC), decorating the school for Veterans Day program, bulletin boards/ door decorating for teachers, ceiling tiles for the school, painting the windows at the Fairhope Post Office for Breast Cancer Awareness (October). We participated in painting positive slogans on the rest room stalls at Fairhope Middle School 2018-19.


    • Art club meets as needed in advance of events, meets at least 2x a month for art workshops.