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    Daphne High School Registration page!


    Please see the links provided for all materials related to Course Selection for the next school year.
    Please do not hesitate to email your child’s rising counselor about any questions you may have.

    Counselor for rising freshmen and all Pre-IB / IB students:
    Zack McCraw – ZMccraw@bcbe.org

    The following counselors will work with students in grades 10-12 based on last name:
    Last names A-G: Maddison Dombrowski – MDombrowski@bcbe.org
    Last names H-O: Chesley Darby – CDarby@bcbe.org
    Last names P-Z: Margaret Sharp – MSharp@bcbe.org




    ** Use this information to help with making selections for courses for you/your student this year. We will review the student's transcript and goals together during the scheduled appointment on the packet and will communicate with you if we advise any changes.

    Rising Sophomores

    Rising Juniors

    Rising Seniors



    If your student wishes to apply to attend off campus classes, this can be done during his/her individual appointment time listed on the packet he/she receives during Homeroom on 1/30/2020. Students are not guaranteed a spot in these courses, so they should register for classes on campus at DHS. Their schedule will be amended if/when they are accepted to the programs. 

    Please note that there is a separate application for the nursing program, which is also online now.  The applications are located on our home page.  

    As always, students will not be an eligible candidate for the Health Sciences Program if they do not have a completed application on file by the deadline of May 1st.  Health Science students MUST have two people complete a referral for them as well.  

    All other applications are due during their appointment time with their counselor.  

    Application link: www.bcbe.org/nbct

    For more information about North Baldwin Technical School programs, please contact Kelli Adkins at KAdkins@bcbe.org.