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    What is it? Under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Alan T. Lee, the Digital Renaissance in Baldwin County Public Schools empowers students and teachers with amazing 21st Century teaching and learning opportunities. Currently, students in Grades 7 through 12 participate in Digital Renaissance. In January 2014, it expands to K-5. Students in K-2 will each be assigned an iPad. Grades 3 through 6 will join the Digital Renaissance with a Mac Book Air laptop.

    Why do it? The world’s economy requires that graduates not only have deep knowledge of English and math, but also of science, social sciences and foreign languages. Those who study how our product and service industries and businesses operate have concluded students will also need to excel in learning and innovation, digital literacy, career and life skills. The Digital Renaissance will provide a rich environment that fosters learning in these skills.

    How is it working? Digital Renaissance is working well because kids are technology natives – it's their world. We've already seen student engagement skyrocket, discipline plummet and learning become immersive, participatory, collaborative and student-centered. The best models of this kind of initiative are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Freeport, Maine, Mooresville, North Carolina – and now Baldwin County, Alabama. In all examples, student achievement rose markedly following the introduction of individual student computers. Baldwin County will replicate their successes.

    What will it cost? Amazingly the Digital Renaissance is just 2% of the district's budget. It costs approximately $330 per student per year to equip a student with a Mac Book Air and digital resources.

    What's the next step? The Baldwin County Public School System offers a plethora of professional development opportunities for its educators, including the summer Digital Renaissance Conference and The Digital Renaissance Teacher Leadership Academy. Educators from across the nation are coming to Baldwin County to see its Digital Renaissance in action. To give them a proper, comprehensive look, Superintendent Dr. Alan T. Lee has established The Digital Renaissance Showcase offered multiple times in the year free of charge. Also, the first-ever Digital Renaissance Summit is being planned for June 2014. Details coming soon. The conference will give participants a look at world-class, challenged based learning in a 21st Century classroom setting.