• Dear Parents,

                As we wrap up a school year, we start looking toward the upcoming school year with your student.  It is time for your rising 9th – 12th grade student/students to sign up for their classes for the 2019-2020 school year.  Rising 8th grade schedule selections will be available after April 22. BCVS offers students and parents a chance to personalize their school schedules in two steps:  grade level worksheets and online course request form.  We do ask that students create a BCVS schedule even if they plan to return to their zoned school next year.

    Each rising 9th through 12th grade level has a worksheet for their upcoming school year which lists core classes and electives required for graduation. The worksheets are available on Baldwin County Virtual School’s webpage at bcbe.org/bcvs.   Click on the “Student” tab, and then click “Course Selection for 2019-2020.” Using the worksheets available there, your student will pick one class for each core subject, and then have the opportunity to add electives in order to complete their schedule.  Students need to pick a minimum of 6 courses to have a complete schedule.

                Please look over the worksheet and build your students schedule.  Once you feel comfortable with your student’s class selection the next step is to build the schedule on the online form.  Follow the link sent in an email from your mentor teacher to get to the online form.

                The online form is due by April 5.  Seniors who wish to graduate in December need only sign up for the graduation required classes.  If you have any concerns about your student’s schedule, please contact the school counselor with any questions:  Teresa Hunter  thunter@bcbe.org.

    Steps for Registration:

    1. Download the worksheet for your grade level and use the worksheet to (circle, highlight) choose at least 6 classes for the 2019-2020 school year.
    2. Use the link from the email to request your classes in the online form.