Do you have questions?

      • If you have general questions about the start of school, activities, transportation related to COVID-19 or coronavirus please see this link on the BCBE Coronavirus website. On this page you will find the Superintendent's updates, FAQs, along with additional information from BCBE. This information is also accessible at the bottom of every school website in the "Helpful Links" section. 

FAQs Secondary Virtual School

  • I want to enroll my student in virtual school?

  • Now that virtual school registration has ended what can I do?

  • I want to transfer my student out of virtual school?

  • Does my student need to wear a mask?

  • Do Virtual School students attend classes?

  • Do BCVSS students have to come into the school?

  • Who can attend the virtual school programs?

  • I see that for high school students they need to have 2.5 gpa? Will this apply to freshman’s as well?

  • Will my child qualify for Virtual School enrollment?

  • Do I need to withdraw my student from their base school to enroll in BCVSS?

  • How much does virtual school cost?

  • I have a Chromebook from last school year do I need to return in for virtual school?

  • What curriculum does BCVSS use?

  • How do I make sure my student has the correct classes on their schedule?

  • How soon may we expect to see what the Virtual campus class schedule will be for High School students?