• Student Chromebooks


    Students are issued a Chromebook and power adapter upon enrollment into the school, and the student is expected to return the Chromebook and power adapter at the end of the school year, or upon withdrawal from school.

    Students are responsible for general care of the Chromebook issued to them.  Failure to care for the Chromebook may result in fees being charged to the student.

    Some general things to remember are:

    • Students should not place stickers, paint, or markers on the Chromebook.
    • Students are expected to charge their Chromebooks overnight.
    • Students should take care not to damage the laptop screen.


    If you damage your laptop, bring it to the Help desk for repair.  If the repair is covered by warranty, then you will not be charged for the repair.  If the damage is not covered by warranty, then you will be charged the following for the damage or loss: 


    Replace Screen


    Replace Keyboard Assembly


    Replace Camera 


    Replace Outer Shell (due to physical damage or markings that cannot be removed)

    $  50.00


    If you lose your laptop or your power adapter, you will be charged for a replacement.


    Replace Chromebook


    Replace Power Adapter

    $  20.00