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    Homeschool and Private School Information Regarding Grade Level Placement

    In Baldwin County, grade placement for students entering our schools from non-accredited schools (as identified by the Alabama State Department of Education) is determined by student performance on validation tests that assess standards from the Alabama Courses of Study or a review of approved standardized tests. Validation tests are required for all students transferring from non-accredited homeschool programs or non-accredited private schools.  

    Students who have completed the grade level requirement and elect to take validation tests are required to earn the minimum score requirement on each test to enroll in the next grade level. Incoming 7th grade students are required to take two online validation tests, one in 6th grade Reading and one in 6th grade Math. Incoming 8th grade students are required to take an online 7th grade Reading and an online 7th grade Math test. Laptops are provided for validation testing. 

    No validation tests are timed. The validation process ends once a student scores below the minimum score. For example, Math is the first validation test administered for both incoming grade levels. Should a student score below the minimum score on the Math test, then no other validation tests are administered, and the student is placed at the previous grade level. Validation tests are not administered to students who would turn 16 years of age in 8th grade.

    Mrs. Bowling, 7th Grade School Counselor, and Mrs. Doyle, 8th Grade Counselor are responsible for scheduling and administering validation tests.They can be reached at 251-928-2573 and by email: CBowling@bcbe.org and kdoyle@bcbe.org

    Students who submit standardized test scores in lieu of validation tests to the BCBOE central office for review are expected to be on grade level in each core subject. Standardized test scores are required to be current if they are used for consideration for placement.

    Parents who are considering homeschool and private school programs need to be aware of the accreditation status of the programs they select. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide proof of program accreditation to the FMS Registrar. Transcripts indicating successful completion of accredited programs are also required. 

    Parents of homeschool students may visit the Alabama Course of Study website for information regarding grades 6-8 course content. Here is the link:http://alex.state.al.us/browseStand.php

    Information Regarding Local Homeschool and Private School Accreditation  

    Non-Accredited Homeschools (Require Validation Tests):

    Central Christian Homeschool in Robertsdale, AL

    Bridge Christian Academy in Magnolia Springs, AL 

    Non-Accredited Private School (Require Validation Tests):

    Bayshore Christian School, Fairhope, AL

    Accredited Homeschools: There are many online programs that are accredited including the Baldwin County Board of Education's Virtual School.

    *This is not a complete list of non-accredited homeschool or private school programs.

    Virtual School

    Baldwin County Board of Education has an accredited online

    virtual school for 7th-12th grades.

    For information about the BCBE Virtual School, please click here. 

    For information about the state of Alabama's accredited public virtual school,

    Alabama Connections Academy, please click on the link below.

    Alabama Connections Academy