• Make Up Work Requirements


     Missing Work  

    Students who have excused absences must make-up their work within 3 days upon return from an absence. It is the student’s responsibility to get with his/her teachers to determine what work needs to be made-up. Tests may be made-up during extended homeroom, P.E., or another time as designated by the teacher. If your child is absent, he/she is still responsible for all missed work, so your assistance in reminding your student of the 3- day make-up requirement is appreciated.

    Teachers use an "I" in INOW to indicate that students need to make up work. The "I" averages as a "0" so students need to get their work completed within the 3 day period. The "I" is replaced with a grade after the work is made up, or stands as a "0" if the work is not made up. 
    Students may be sent by their Teachers during Homeroom
    to the Make Up Test Center located in the Library 

    Test Center   


      U Turn

    Homework counts from 10%-20% of a student’s grade. Math teachers often have students begin a classroom assignment at 20% and then the homework assignment counts an additional 20%. Therefore, a daily work assignment that begins in class and is completed at home can count up to 40%. It is very important that students make-up missed homework assignments since their grades may be impacted. Math and other homework may be graded for accuracy.

    Parents need to monitor grades in INOW on a regular basis. Any questions regarding INOW portal access (username and password) should be directed to office staff. 

    If a parent does not have home internet access, the Fairhope Public Library has pc availability/internet access. Parental concerns regarding grades should be directed to the classroom teacher.


    Contacting Teachers 

    Although parents are welcome to call teachers at school at 251-928-2573, it may be difficult to reach them because they are busy teaching. Because of this, we encourage parents to use email whenever possible. Teachers can arrange mutually convenient parent conferences when requested, either before/after school, or during their planning period.   

    Parents should discuss concerns about grades with the classroom teacher before contacting an Administrator.