• Kindergarten students are assessed with ALAKiDs in August. AlaKiDS is a whole child assessment given the first month of kindergarten that will provide the kindergarten teacher with needed information on a child's independent skills and abilities. This will be a valuable tool to help guide instruction and set goals for each child. STAR is used to assess students in grades kindergarten through six in August, December, and May. STAR assessments are computer-adaptive tests designed to give educators accurate, reliable, and valid data quickly so that they can make good decisions about instruction and intervention. Parents will receive a performance report within a few weeks after the assessment. Curriculum based measure tests called CBM’s are administered to all children three times per year with the STAR tests. Intervention students are tested on a monthly basis. A CBM test allows teachers to accurately assess students' development so they can better target instruction and intervention to each learner's specific needs. Finally, the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program, ACAP, is Alabama’s highstakes test for students in grades 2-8 administered in April. All students in grades two through eight are assessed in math and language arts. Only students in grades four and six are assessed in science. Students who fail to score a proficient score in third grade may be retained as per the Alabama Literacy Act. See the promotion flowchart:

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