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    In-Kind Donations/



    Community Mentoring for At-Risk:


    ·       Provide community-based mentoring to identified at-risk students to help with their social and academic development.

    ·       Provide assistance through mentoring to help students make decisions that will positively impact their lives and prepare them for high school.

    ·       Provide support and encouragement for at-risk young men in the middle schools.


    Request for more information on needs at this school.

    Request for more information on funding needs at this school

    Career Coaches

    ·       One on One Mentoring in career exploration, secondary and post-secondary preparedness strategies and career networking insight. Business etiquette, Professional wardrobing, interview skills and portfolio development. Ex: Career day with rotational schedule for students.

    ·       Provide classroom support on projects, team building lessons and collaboration training in school and careers areas. Ex: Class presentations on social norms to improve high school, college and career opportunities. Assigned through specific classes so students build professional relationships




    Classroom Support

    Work directly with teachers to plan and develop student site visits and course alignment with career choice




    Job Shadowing

    One day job shadowing at your establishment





    Community Presentations

    ·       Veteran’s Day Program

    ·       Black History Program

    ·       STEM Career Expo

    ·       STEM Camp





    Local culinary competitions, robotics comopetitions, etc.




    Civic Mindedness

    FCCLA civic engagement




    Health and Safety

    Classroom presentations about:

    ·       First aid

    ·       Nutrition

    ·       Fire safety